Datasheet Maxim MAX4101


500MHz, Low-Power Op Amps


Datasheet MAX4100, MAX4101
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500MHz, Low-Power Op Amps
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Detailed Description

The MAX4100/MAX4101 op amps combine ultra-high-speed performance with low-power operation.

The MAX4100 is compensated for unity-gain stability, while the MAX4101 is compensated for stability in applications with a closed-loop gain (AVCL) of 2V/V or greater.

The MAX4100/MAX4101 require only 5mA of supply current while delivering a 500MHz unity-gain bandwidth (MAX4100) or a 200MHz -3dB bandwidth (MAX4101) with a 250V/µs slew rate.

These high-speed op amps have a wide output voltage swing of ±3.5V and a high current-drive capability of 80mA.

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Model Line

Series: MAX4101 (1)

1-4 Layer PCBs $2