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Ultra-Low-Power Series Voltage Reference


Datasheet MAX6129
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Ultra-Low-Power Series Voltage Reference
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The MAX6129 micropower, low-dropout bandgap voltage reference combines ultra-low supply current and low drift in a miniature 5-pin SOT23 surface-mount package that uses 70% less board space than comparable devices in an SO package.

This series-mode voltage reference sources up to 4mA and sinks up to 1mA of load current. A wide 2.5V to 12.6V supply range, ultra-low 5.25µA (max) supply current, and a low 200mV dropout voltage make these devices ideal for battery-operated systems. An initial accuracy of 0.4% and a 40ppm/°C (max) temperature coefficient make the MAX6129 suitable for precision applications. Additionally, an internal compensation capacitor eliminates the need for an external compensation capacitor and ensures stability with load capacitances up to 10µF. The MAX6129 provides six output voltages of 2.048V, 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 4.096V, and 5V. The MAX6129 is available in a 5-pin SOT23 package and in die form.

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  • Analog > Voltage References

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