Datasheet Maxim MAX995ESD+T

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High-Speed, Micropower, Low-Voltage, Rail-to-Rail I/O Comparators


Datasheet MAX987, MAX988, MAX991, MAX992, MAX995, MAX996
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High-Speed, Micropower, Low-Voltage, Rail-to-Rail I/O Comparators
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Detailed Description

The MAX987/MAX988/MAX991/MAX992/MAX995/MAX996 single/dual/quad micropower comparators feature low-voltage operation and rail-to-rail inputs and outputs.

Their operating voltage ranges from +2.5V to +5.5V, making them ideal for both 3V and 5V systems. These comparators also operate with ±1.25V to ±2.75V dual supplies. They consume only 48µA per comparator while achieving a 120ns propagation delay.

Input bias current is typically 1.0pA, and input offset voltage is typically 0.5mV. Internal hysteresis ensures clean output switching, even with slow-moving input signals.

The output stage's unique design limits supply-current surges while switching, virtually eliminating the supply glitches typical of many other comparators. The MAX987/MAX991/MAX995 have a push-pull output stage that sinks as well as sources current. Large internal output drivers allow rail-to-rail output swing with loads up to 8mA. The MAX988/MAX992/MAX996 have an open-drain output stage that can be pulled beyond VCC to 6V (max) above VEE. These open-drain versions are ideal for level translators and bipolar to single-ended converters.

The single MAX987/MAX988 are available in tiny 5-pin SC70 packages, while the dual MAX991/MAX992 are available in ultra-small µMAX package.

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MAX987 MAX988 MAX991 MAX992 MAX996

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Series: MAX995 (4)

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  • Analog > Amplifiers
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