Datasheet ON Semiconductor TIP117

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Part NumberTIP117

NPN Epitaxial Silicon Darlington Transistor


Datasheet TIP110, TIP111, TIP112 (NPN); TIP115, TIP116, TIP117 (PNP)
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Plastic Medium-Power Complementary Silicon Transistors
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China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

Detailed Description

The Darlington Bipolar Power Transistor is designed for general purpose amplifier and low speed switching applications.

The TIP110, TIP111, TIP112 (NPN); TIP115, TIP116, TIP117 (PNP) are complementary devices.

Model Line

Series: TIP117 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Discrete & Power Modules > General Purpose and Low VCE(sat) Transistors