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Нigh-power SPST micro-mechanical switch


Preliminary Datasheet MM9200
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SPST Power Switch
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Detailed Description

The innovative Ideal Switch technology enables highly reliable micro-mechanical switches capable of carrying high voltage and high current in a small form factor.

The MM9200 provides ultra-low on-state resistance, low leakage current and high voltage stand-off, with greater than 1 billion switching cycles. Because of its long lifetime, extremely low current consumption, and small form factor, the MM9200 is an ideal solution for replacing electromechanical relays, as well as solid-state switches such as IGBT and MOSFETs where size, weight, power efficiency, and thermal management are critical system-level design parameters.

Unlike MOSFETs, the MM9200 supports bidirectional current between contacts same as electromechanical relays. The internal dual gates are controlled via the common GATE pin and requires a gate bias voltage in relation to the MIDPOINT pin to turn on the switch. Multiple MM9200 devices can be connected in series or in parallel to increase voltage rating or current rating, respectively.

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  • RF Switches