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150 mA, ultra low quiescent current linear voltage regulator


Datasheet STLQ015
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150 mA, ultra low quiescent current linear voltage regulator
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China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

Detailed Description

The STLQ015 provides 150 mA of maximum current with an input voltage range from 1.5 V to 5.5 V and a typical dropout voltage of 112 mV.

The key feature of this device is its quiescent current, which is just 1.4 μA at maximum output current.The device is stable with a ceramic capacitor on the output. It offers very low quiescent current and extends battery-life of applications requiring very long standby time. The enable logic control function puts the STLQ015 in shutdown mode, reducing total current consumption to 1 nA. The device also includes short-circuit constant-current limiting and thermal protection. Typical applications are: portable and battery-powered systems, electronic sensors and microcontroller power supply.

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  • Automotive Analog and Power > Linear Voltage Regulators