Datasheet Broadcom HCPL-7800A

Part NumberHCPL-7800A
Datasheet Broadcom HCPL-7800A

Isolation Amplifier


Datasheet HCPL-7800A, HCPL-7800
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Isolation Amplifier
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Detailed Description

The HCPL-7800A isolation amplifier family was designed for current sensing and voltage sensing in electronic motor drives.

In a typical implementation, motor currents flow through an external resistor and the resulting analog voltage drop is sensed by the HCPL-7800A. A differential output voltage is created on the other side of the HCPL-7800A optical isolation barrier. This differential output voltage is proportional to the motor current and can be converted to a single-ended signal by using an op-amp.

Since common-mode voltage swings of several hundred volts in tens of nanoseconds are common in modern switching inverter motor drives, the HCPL-7800A was designed to ignore very high common-mode transient slew rates (of at least 10 kV/ms).

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  • Optocouplers and Opto-Isolators > Industrial Plastic > Isolation Amplifiers & Modulators > Isolation Amplifiers

Other Names:

HCPL7800A, HCPL 7800A