Datasheet MPC866PZP133A - Freescale IC, 32- bit MPU, 133 MHz, 357-PBGA

Part Number: MPC866PZP133A

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Freescale

Description: IC, 32- bit MPU, 133 MHz, 357-PBGA

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Freescale Semiconductor
Technical Data
MPC866EC Rev.

2, 2/2006
MPC866/MPC859 Hardware Specifications
This document contains detailed information on power considerations, DC/AC electrical characteristics, and AC timing specifications for the MPC866/859 family (refer to Table 1 for a list of devices). The MPC866P is the superset device of the MPC866/859 family.This document describes pertinent electrical and physical characteristics of the MPC8245. For functional characteristics of the processor, refer to the MPC866 PowerQUICC Family Users Manual (MPC866UM/D).