Datasheet 6MBP100RA-060-55 - Fuji Electric IGBT IPM, 6-PACK, 100 A, 600 V, PT

Fuji Electric 6MBP100RA-060-55

Part Number: 6MBP100RA-060-55

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric

Description: IGBT IPM, 6-PACK, 100 A, 600 V, PT

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6MBP 100RA-060
Intelligent Power Module ( R-Series ) I Maximum Ratings and Characteristics
· Absolute Maximum Ratings
Items DC Bus Voltage DC Bus Voltage (surge) DC Bus Voltage (short operating) Collector-Emitter Voltage Inverter Continuous Collector 1ms Current Duty=59.5% Collector Power Dissipation One Transistor Voltage of Power Supply for Driver Input Signal Voltage Input Signal Current Alarm Signal Voltage Alarm Signal Current Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Isolation Voltage A.C.

1min. Screw Torque ( Tc=25°C) Symbols VDC VDC(Surge) VSC VCES IC ICP -IC PC VCC VIN IIN VALM IALM Tj TOP Tstg Viso Mounting *1 Terminals *1 Ratings Max. 450 500 400 600 100 200 100 400 0 20 0 VZ 1 0 VCC 15 150 -20 100 -40 125 2500 3.5 3.5 Units
IGBT IPM 600V 6Ч100A


RoHS: Yes

Other Names:

6MBP100RA06055, 6MBP100RA 060 55