Datasheet LT1789CS8-1 - Linear Technology IC, INSTRUMENT AMP, 60 kHz, 117 dB, SOIC-8

Linear Technology LT1789CS8-1

Part Number: LT1789CS8-1

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Linear Technology

Description: IC, INSTRUMENT AMP, 60 kHz, 117 dB, SOIC-8

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LT1789-1/LT1789-10 Micropower, Single Supply Rail-to-Rail Output Instrumentation Amplifiers FEATURES
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The LT®1789-1/LT1789-10 are micropower, precision instrumentation amplifiers that are optimized for single supply operation from 2.2V to 36V.

The quiescent current is 95A max, the inputs common mode to ground and the output swings within 110mV of ground. The gain is set with a single external resistor for a gain range of 1 to 1000 for the LT1789-1 and 10 to 1000 for the LT1789-10. The high accuracy of the LT1789-1 (40ppm maximum nonlinearity and 0.25% max gain error) is unmatched by other micropower instrumentation amplifiers. The LT1789-10 maximizes both the input common mode range and dynamic output range when an amplification of 10 or greater is required, allowing precise signal processing where other instrumentation amplifiers fail to operate. The LT1789-1/LT1789-10 are laser trimmed for very low input offset voltage, low input offset voltage drift, high CMRR an


RoHS: Yes

Other Names:

LT1789CS81, LT1789CS8 1