Datasheet LPC661IM/NOPB - National Semiconductor IC, OP-AMP, 350 kHz, 0.11 V/µs, SOIC-8

National Semiconductor LPC661IM/NOPB

Part Number: LPC661IM/NOPB

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

Description: IC, OP-AMP, 350 kHz, 0.11 V/µs, SOIC-8

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LPC661 Low Power CMOS Operational Amplifier
August 2000
LPC661 Low Power CMOS Operational Amplifier
General Description
The LPC661 CMOS operational amplifier is ideal for operation from a single supply.

It features a wide range of operating supply voltage from +5V to +15V, rail-to-rail output swing and an input common-mode range that includes ground. Performance limitations that have plagued CMOS amplifiers in the past are not a problem with this design. Input VOS, drift, and broadband noise as well as voltage gain (into 100 k and 5 k) are all equal to or better than widely accepted bipolar equivalents, while the supply current requirement is typically 55 µA. This chip is built with National's advanced Double-Poly Silicon-Gate CMOS process. See the LPC660 datasheet for a Quad CMOS operational amplifier or the LPC662 data sheet for a Dual CMOS operational amplifier with these same features. n n n n n n n n n n Low supply current 55 µA Specified for 100 k and 5 k loads High voltage gai


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