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Datasheet OM11049,598 - NXP

Part Number: OM11049,598

Manufacturer: NXP

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Getting started with NXP LPCXpresso
Rev. 10 -- 7 April 2011 User guide
Document information Info Content Keywords Abstract LPCXpresso, LPC1100, LPC1200, LPC1300, LPC1700, LPC2000, LPC3000 LPCXpresso is a new, low-cost development platform available from NXP. This document is a brief overview on how to get started with LPCXpresso.
NXP Semiconductors


  • Core Architecture: ARM
  • Features: In-System Programming (ISP), In-Application Programming (IAP), System Tick Timer
  • Silicon Core Number: LPC1114
  • Silicon Manufacturer: NXP

Other Names:

OM11049598, OM11049 598

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