Datasheet IM231-M6S1B / IM231-M6T2B (Infineon)

Description600 V three-phase Intelligent Power Module
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Confidential. CIPOS™ Micro IPM 600V/4A IM231-M6S1B / IM231-M6T2B. Description. Features. Potential Applications

Datasheet IM231-M6S1B / IM231-M6T2B Infineon, Revision: 02_00

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IM231-M6S1B / IM231-M6T2B
CIPOS™ Micro IPM 600V/4A IM231-M6S1B / IM231-M6T2B Description
IM231-M6-series 3-phase Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) are designed for high-efficiency appliance motor drives such as air-conditioner fans and refrigerator compressors. These advanced IPMs, available in both surface mount and through-hole configurations, offer a combination of low VCE(sat) TRENCHSTOPTM IGBT6 technology and the industry benchmark rugged half-bridge drivers. The IPMs have several protection features including precise overcurrent protection and temperature feedback.
 600V 3-phase inverter including gate drivers & bootstrap function  Low VCE(sat) TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6  Temperature monitor  Accurate overcurrent shutdown (±5%)  Fault reporting and programmable fault clear  Advanced input filter with shoot-through protection  Optimized dV/dt for loss and EMI trade offs  Open-emitter for single and leg-shunt current sensing  SOP 29x12 DIP 29x12 3.3V logic compatible  Isolation 2000VRMS, 1min
Potential Applications
 Air-conditioner fans  Refrigerator compressors  Ventilation fans & blower fans  Low power motor drives
Product validation
Qualified for industrial applications according to the relevant tests of JEDEC47/20/22.
Table 1 Part Ordering Table Standard Pack Base Part Number Package Type Orderable Part Number Form Quantity
IM231-M6T2B DIP 29x12 Tube 240 IM231M6T2BAKMA1 IM231-M6S1B SOP 29x12 Tube 240 IM231M6S1BALMA1 IM231-M6S1B SOP 29x12 Tape & Reel 500 IM231M6S1BAUMA1 Final Datashet Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document Revision 2.0
2019-02-11 Document Outline Description Features Potential Applications Product validation Table 1 Part Ordering Table Table of contents 1 Internal Electrical Schematic 2 Pin Configuration 3 Absolute Maximum Rating 4 Thermal Characteristics 5 Recommended Operating Conditions 6 Static Parameters 7 Dynamic Parameters 8 Thermistor Characteristics 9 Mechanical Characteristics and Ratings 10 Qualification Information 11 Diagrams & Tables 12 Application Guide 13 Package Outline 14 Revision History Disclaimer