Datasheet BC3602 (Holtek)

DescriptionSub-1GHz Low RX Current FSK/GFSK RF Transceiver
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BC3602. Sub-1GHz Low RX Current. FSK/GFSK RF Transceiver. Features. General Description

Datasheet BC3602 Holtek

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BC3602 Sub-1GHz Low RX Current FSK/GFSK RF Transceiver Features
• Packet handling ♦ FEC (Forward Error Correction) • Frequency band: 315/433/470/868/915MHz ♦ Data whitening • FSK/GFSK modulation ♦ Manchester encoding • Supports 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface ♦ CRC-16 checking • Wide input voltage range of 1.9V~3.6V • ATR (Auto-Transmit-Receive) • Programmable data rate: 2Kbps~250Kbps ♦ Auto-resend • Programmable TX output power: 0dBm~13dBm ♦ Auto-acknowledgment • Low current consumption ♦ WOT + Auto-resend ♦ 0.5μA deep sleep mode current with data retention ♦ WOR + Auto-acknowledgment • Packet filtering ♦ RX current consumption (AGC on & low data rate) @ 433.92MHz: 4.2mA ♦ CRC filtering ♦ Address filtering ♦ RX current consumption (AGC on & low data rate) @ 868.3MHz: 5.5mA • Package type: 24-pin QFN (3mm×3mm) ♦ TX current consumption @ 433.92MHz: 22mA @ 10dBm POUT
General Description
♦ TX current consumption @ 868.3MHz: 24mA @ The BC3602 is a high performance and low cost 10dBm POUT FSK/GFSK transceiver for wireless applications • High RX sensitivity (433.92MHz) in the 315MHz, 433MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands. It incorporates a highly in- ♦ -120dBm at 2Kbps on-air data rate tegrated sub-1GHz transceiver and a baseband modem ♦ -110dBm at 50Kbps on-air data rate with programmable data rates from 2Kbps to 250Kbps. ♦ -103dBm at 250Kbps on-air data rate Data handling features include 64-byte TX/RX FIFO and packet handling such as CRC generation, Forward Error • High RX sensitivity (868.3MHz) Correction, Data whitening and Manchester encoding. ♦ -119dBm at 2Kbps on-air data rate The BC3602 is optimized for the very low power ♦ -109dBm at 50Kbps on-air data rate consumption applications. At 433MHz band, its RX ♦ -103dBm at 250Kbps on-air data rate mode is operated at 4.2mA and it delivers +10dBm • On-chip VCO and Fractional-N synthesizer with TX output power at 22mA current consumption. integrated loop ilter A low-noise low-IF receiver can achieve -119dBm • Supports low cost 16MHz crystal with integrated sensitivity of 2Kbps data rate at 433/868MHz bands. load capacitor A Class-E Power Amplifier can deliver up to +13dBm output power at 433/868MHz bands. A fully integrated • Programmable digital channel filter for optimum Fractional-N synthesizer can support a wide frequency performance at various data rates range with a fine resolution. Both loop filter and XO • AGC (Auto Gain Control) to achieve wide input load capacitors are integrared to on-chip to minimize range, up to +10dBm the requirement for external components. • AFC (Auto Frequency Compensation) for frequency External host MCU can access the BC3602 through drift due to X’tal aging a 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface. The device supports • On-chip low power RC oscillator for WOR (Wake- short strobe commands to reduce the loading of the on-RX) and WOT (Wake-on-TX) functions host MCU while maintaining wireless communication • Physical TX/RX FIFO buffers: TX 64 bytes, link. RX 64 bytes Additional link layer features like RSSI for channel • Simple FIFO/Block FIFO/Extend FIFO assessment, auto-acknowledgement and auto-resend, (up to 255 bytes)/In inite FIFO modes WOT and WOR, etc., facilitate microcontroller based • Programmable threshold for carrier detection ISM bands wireless link applications. • Frame synchronization recognition for both FIFO mode and Direct mode Rev. 1.00 1 July 29, 2019 Rev. 1.00 PB July 29, 2019 Document Outline Features General Description Block Diagram Pin Assignment Pin Description Absolute Maximum Ratings D.C. Characteristics A.C. Characteristics Memory Mapping Control Register Access SFR Mapping and Bit Definition Common Area Control Register Bank 0 Control Registers Bank 1 Control Registers Bank 2 Control Registers Special Function Description Sub-1GHz RF Transceiver Serial Interface System Clock Frequency Synthesizer Modulator State Machine Calibration AGC & RSSI Packet Handler FIFO Operation Modes Receiving Packet Judgement Continuous RX Mode ARK Mode: Auto-Resend and Auto-Ack ATR Mode: Auto-Transmit-Receive Message Flowchart Examples Abbreviation Application Circuits Package Information SAW Type 24-pin QFN (3mm×3mm×0.55mm) Outline Dimensions