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DescriptionnanoPower Supervisor and Watchdog Timer
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here. MAX16152/MAX16153/. nanoPower Supervisor and Watchdog Timer. MAX16154/MAX16155. General Description. Benefits and Features

Datasheet MAX16152, MAX16153, MAX16154, MAX16155 Maxim

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MAX16152/MAX16153/ nanoPower Supervisor and Watchdog Timer MAX16154/MAX16155 General Description Benefits and Features
The MAX16152/MAX16153/MAX16154/MAX16155 ultra- ● 400nA (typ) Supply Current low-current supervisory circuits monitor a single system ● 1.2V to 5.5V Operating Supply Range supply voltage and the integrity of code execution by a ● Monitors Supply Voltage and Provides System Reset microprocessor or microcontroller. These supervisors as- Signal sert the reset output whenever the VCC supply voltage is ● 1.5V to 5V Input Threshold Range in 100mV greater than the minimum operating voltage, but less than Increments the reset threshold. After the supply voltage rises above ● Watchdog Function Detects Faulty Code Execution the reset threshold, the reset output remains asserted for ● Open-Drain Reset and Watchdog Outputs the reset timeout period, and then de-asserts. Reset volt- ● Watchdog Timer Enable Input age thresholds are available from 1.50V to 5.0V in approx- ● 6-Bump WLP Package imately 100mV increments. ● 6-Pin SOT23 Package A watchdog timer circuit monitors microprocessor or mi- ● -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range crocontroller activity. During normal operation, the micro-
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processor or microcontroller should repeatedly toggle the watchdog input (WDI) before the supervisor’s watchdog timeout period elapses to confirm that the system is exe- cuting code properly. If the microprocessor or microcon- troller does not provide a valid watchdog input transition before the timeout period expires, the supervisor asserts a watchdog (WDO) output to signal that the system is not executing code as expected. The watchdog output pulse can be used to reset the microprocessor or micro- controller, or it may be used to interrupt the system to warn of execution errors. The MAX16152 and MAX16153 feature a manual reset input (MR) to allow an external pushbutton or logic signal to initiate a reset pulse. The MAX16154 and MAX16155 feature a logic input (WD_EN) that allows the system to enable and disable the watchdog function. The MAX16152 and MAX16154 are offered in a 0.86mm x 1.27mm 6-bump WLP, while the MAX16153 and MAX16155 are offered in 6-pin SOT23 package. All de- vices operate over the -40ºC to +125ºC temperature range.
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