Datasheet 2ED2184 (4) S06F (J) (Infineon)

Description650 V half-bridge gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode
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Datasheet 2ED2184 (4) S06F (J) Infineon, Revision: 02_01

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link to page 25 2ED2184 (4) S06F (J) 2ED2184 (4) S06F (J) 650 V half-bridge gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode Features Product summary • Unique Infineon Thin-Film-Silicon On Insulator (SOI)-Technology VS_OFFSET = 650 V max • Negative VS transient immunity of 100 V Io+pk / Io-pk (typ.) =+ 2.5 A/ - 2.5 A • Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation VCC = 10 V to 20 V • Operating voltages (VS node) upto + 650 V Delay Matching = 35 ns max. • Maximum bootstrap voltage (VB node) of + 675 V Propogation Delay = 200 ns • Integrated ultra-fast, low resistance bootstrap diode tON / tOFF (typ.) = 600 ns/ 200 ns • Integrated shoot-through protection and built-in dead time • Logic Operational up to –11 V on VS Pin • Negative Voltage Tolerance On Inputs of –5 V • Independent under voltage lockout for both channels Packages • Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis • 3.3 V, 5 V and 15 V input logic compatible • Maximum supply voltage of 25 V • Dual package options of DSO-8 and DSO-14 • High and Low Voltage Pins Separated for Maximum Creepage and Clearance (2ED21844S06J version) • Separate logic and power ground with the 2ED21844S06J version DSO-8 DSO-14 • Shutdown input turns off both channels • RoHS compliant Potential applications Driving IGBTs, enhancement mode N-Channel MOSFETs in various power electronic applications. Typical Infineon recommendations are as below: • Motor drives, general purpose inverters having TrenchStop™ IGBT6 or 600 V EasyPACK™ modules • Refrigeration compressors, induction cookers, other major home appliances having RCD series IGBTs or TRENCHSTOP™ family IGBTs or their equivalent power stages • Battery operated small home appliances such as power tools, vaccum cleaners using low voltage OptiMOS™ MOSFETs or their equivalent power stages • Totem pole, half-bridge and full-bridge converters in offline AC-DC power supplies for industrial SMPS having high voltage CoolMOS™ super junction MOSFETs or TRENCHSTOP™ H3 and WR5 IGBT series • High power LED and HID lighting having CoolMOS™ super junction MOSFETs • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and battery management systems • Driving 650 V SiC MOSFETs in above applications Product validation Qualified for industrial applications according to the relevant tests of JEDEC47/20/22 Ordering information Standard pack Base part number Package type Orderable part number Form Quantity 2ED2184S06F DSO-8 Tape and Reel 2500 2ED2184S06FXUMA1 2ED21844S06J DSO -14 Tape and Reel 2500 2ED21844S06JXUMA1 Datasheet Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document V 2.1 Page 1 of 25 2019-09-12 Document Outline Features Product summary Product validation Description 1 Table of contents 2 Block diagram 3 Pin configuration and functionality 3.1 Pin configuration 3.2 Pin functionality 4 Electrical parameters 4.1 Absolute maximum ratings 4.2 Recommended operating conditions 4.3 Static electrical characteristics 4.4 Dynamic electrical characteristics 5 Application information and additional details 5.1 IGBT / MOSFET gate drive 5.2 Switching and timing relationships 5.3 Deadtime and matched propagation delays 5.4 Input logic compatibility 5.5 Undervoltage lockout 5.6 Shutdown Input 5.7 Bootstrap diode 5.8 Calculating the bootstrap capacitance CBS 5.9 Tolerant to negative tranisents on input pins 5.10 Negative voltage transient tolerance of VS pin 5.11 NTSOA – Negative Transient Safe Operating Area 5.12 Higher headroom for input to output signal transmission with logic operation upto -11 V 5.13 Maximum switching frequency 5.14 PCB layout tips 6 Qualification information0F 7 Related products 8 Package details 9 Part marking information 10 Additional documentation and resources 10.1 Infineon online forum resources 11 Revision history