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DescriptionHigh Speed, High Voltage, 1 A Output Drive Amplifier
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High Speed, High Voltage,. 1 A Output Drive Amplifier. Data Sheet. ADA4870. FEATURES. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM

Datasheet ADA4870 Analog Devices

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High Speed, High Voltage, 1 A Output Drive Amplifier Data Sheet ADA4870 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Ideal for driving high capacitive or low resistive loads Wide supply range: 10 V to 40 V V 1 20 CC VCC High output current drive: 1 A TFL 2 19 ADA4870 VCC Wide output voltage swing: 37 V swing with 40 V supply SD 3 18 VCC High slew rate: 2500 V/µs ON 4 17 OUT High bandwidth: 52 MHz large signal, 70 MHz small signal NC 5 16 OUT Low noise: 2.1 nV/√Hz INP 6 15 OUT Quiescent current: 32.5 mA INN 7 14 OUT Power down: 0.75 mA OUT 8 13 VEE Short-circuit protection and flag NC 9 12 VEE Current limit: 1.2 A
V 10 11 EE VEE Thermal protection
Figure 1.
Envelope tracking Power FET driver Ultrasound Piezo drivers PIN diode drivers Waveform generation Automated test equipment (ATE) CCD panel drivers Composite amplifiers GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The ADA4870 is a unity gain stable, high speed current feedback amplifier capable of delivering 1 A of output current
4,000 20
and 2500 V/μs slew rate from a 40 V supply. Manufactured
using the Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary high voltage extra
3,000 15
fast complementary bipolar (XFCB) process, the innovative
2,000 10
architecture of the ADA4870 enables high output power, high
) s
speed signal processing solutions in applications that require
1,000 5 (V
driving a low impedance load.
The ADA4870 is ideal for driving high voltage power FETs,
V W E –1,000 –5
piezo transducers, PIN diodes, CCD panels, and a variety of
other demanding applications that require high speed from
–2,000 –10
high supply voltage at high output current.
–3,000 –15
The ADA4870 is available in a power SOIC package (PSOP_3), 7
–4,000 –20
-05 featuring an exposed thermal slug that provides high thermal
TIME (45ns/DIV)
12125 conductivity, enabling efficient heat transfer for improved perfor- Figure 2. Slew Rate, V mance and reliability in demanding applications. The ADA4870 S = ±20 V, VOUT = 30 V p-p, AV = +2, RF = 1.5 kΩ, CL = 300 pF, RS = 5 Ω operates over the industrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C).
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