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  1. Part Number: XE1203SKC433XE2 Manufacturer: Semtech Description: Kit for XE1203F in 433 MHz
  2. Part Number: TMDSIPCAM8127J3 Manufacturer: Texas Instruments Description: IP Camera
  1. Part Number: TMDSDOCK28027 Manufacturer: Texas Instruments Description: TMDSDOCK28027
  2. Part Number: TMDSCNCD28343 Manufacturer: Texas Instruments Description: 28343 Control Card
  3. Part Number: TEIK002 Manufacturer: Microchip Description: Flyport Picus Starter Kit Wireless Connectivity
  4. Part Number: TC2030-CLIP Manufacturer: Microchip Description: Tag-Connect Clip Board (pkg of 3) Emulator - Debugger Accessories
  5. Part Number: STEVAL-MKI110V1 Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Description: BOARD & REF DESIGN
  6. Part Number: STEVAL-MKI107V1 Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Description: BOARD & REF DESIGN
  7. Part Number: SM1212E433 Manufacturer: Semtech Description: 433 MHz SX1212 MODULE
  8. Part Number: MDL-S2E-B Manufacturer: Texas Instruments Description: Serial-to-Ethernet module, vol pkg
  9. Part Number: LM21212-2EVM/NOPB Manufacturer: National Semiconductor Description: LM21212-2 EVAL BOARD
  10. Part Number: KMB-001LEVALZ Manufacturer: Intersil Description: LVDS MOTHERBOARD for use with DAUGHTER card - RoHS COMPLI
  11. Part Number: ISLA216IR72EV1Z Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISLA216IR72 EVAL Board - 72 LD QFN - SINGLE 16- bit 250MSPS U
  12. Part Number: ISL29023IROZ-EVALZ Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISL29023IROZ-EVALZ (PB-Free ) EVALUATION BOARD - ROHs Compli
  13. Part Number: ISL28433TSSOPEVAL1Z Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISL28433 TSSOP EVAL BOARD 1 - 14 Ld TSSOP - RoHS COMPLIA
  14. Part Number: ISL28433SOICEVAL1Z Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISL28433 SOIC EVAL BOARD 1 - 14 Ld SOIC - RoHS COMPLIANT
  15. Part Number: ISL28233SOICEVAL1Z Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISL28233 SOIC EVAL BOARD 1 - 8 Ld SOIC - RoHS COMPLIANT
  16. Part Number: ISL21080-EVALZ Manufacturer: Intersil Description: ISL21080-EVALZ EVALUATION BOARD - ROHs Compliant
  17. Part Number: EVLVIP27H-12SB Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Description: OFFLINE POWER SUPPLY
  18. Part Number: EVLVIP27-7WLED Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Description: OFFLINE POWER SUPPLY
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