Datasheets - Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Texas Instruments

Subsection: "Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps"
Manufacturer: "Texas Instruments"
0804MC 3581 3583 3584 ACF2101 AD515 AFE030 AFE031 AFE032 ALM2402-Q1 BUF600 BUF601 DRV1100 DRV1101 ICL7652 INA105 INA106 INA117 INA132 INA133 INA143 INA145 INA146 INA148 INA148-Q1 INA149 INA152 INA154 INA157 INA159 INA2132 INA2133 INA2143 LF147 LF147JAN LF147QML LF156 LF156JAN LF156QML LF256 LF347 LF347-N LF347B LF353 LF353-N LF356 LF356-MIL LF411 LF411-N LF411JAN LF411QML-SP LF412 LF412-MIL LF412-N LF412-N-MIL LF412QML LF442 LF442-MIL LF442QML LF444 LF444-DIE LF444QML LHV870 LM10 LM10-MIL LM101A-N LM101AJAN LM101AQML LM101AQML-SP LM107, LM207, LM307 LM10QML LM118 LM118-N LM118JAN LM118QML LM124 LM124-N LM124-SP LM124A LM124AQML LM124AQML-SP LM124M LM13700 LM1458 LM1458-MIL LM146 LM148 LM148-N LM148JAN LM148JAN-SP LM148QML LM1558 LM1558QML LM158 LM158-N LM158A LM158QML LM158QML-SP LM201A-N LM218-Q1 LM224 LM224-N LM224A LM224K LM224KA LM248 LM258 LM258-N LM258A LM258A-EP LM2900 LM2902 LM2902-EP LM2902-N LM2902-Q1 LM2902K LM2902KAV LM2902KV LM2904 LM2904-EP LM2904-N LM2904-Q1 LM2904V LM301A LM301A-N LM301A-N-MIL LM3046 LM318 LM318-N LM321 LM324 LM324-MIL LM324-N LM324-N-MIL LM324A LM324K LM324KA LM346 LM348 LM348-N LM358 LM358-N LM358A LM359 LM3900 LM392 LM4250 LM4250-P LM432 LM4562 LM611 LM6132 LM6134 LM614 LM614-MIL LM6142 LM6144 LM6152 LM6154 LM6171 LM6172 LM6172QML LM6172QML-SP LM6181 LM6211 LM6211-MIL LM6584 LM6588 LM675 LM7121 LM7171 LM7171QML LM7171QML-SP LM7301 LM7321 LM7321-Q1 LM7322 LM7322-Q1 LM7332 LM7341 LM7372 LM741 LM741-MIL LM741QML LM747 LM747QML LM748QML LM8261 LM8262 LM8272 LM833 LM833-N LM837 LMC6001 LMC6001-MIL LMC6022 LMC6024 LMC6032 LMC6034 LMC6035 LMC6035-Q1 LMC6036 LMC6041 LMC6042 LMC6042-MIL LMC6044 LMC6044-MIL LMC6061 LMC6062 LMC6062-MIL LMC6064 LMC6081 LMC6081-MIL LMC6082 LMC6084 LMC6442 LMC6462 LMC6462-MIL LMC6464 LMC6464QML LMC6482 LMC6482-MIL LMC6482QML LMC6484 LMC6484QML LMC6492 LMC6494 LMC6572 LMC6574 LMC660 LMC662 LMC7101 LMC7101Q-Q1 LMC7111 LMC8101 LME49600 LME49710 LME49713 LME49720 LME49721 LME49722 LME49723 LME49724 LME49725 LME49726 LME49740 LME49743 LME49860 LME49860, LME49860MABD, LME49860NABD LME49870 LMH3401 LMH3402 LMH3404 LMH5401 LMH5401-SP LMH6550 LMH6551 LMH6551Q-Q1 LMH6552 LMH6553 LMH6554 LMH6555 LMH6601 LMH6601-Q1 LMH6609 LMH6609-MIL LMH6611 LMH6612 LMH6618 LMH6619 LMH6619-Q1 LMH6622 LMH6624 LMH6624-MIL LMH6626 LMH6628 LMH6628QML LMH6628QML-SP LMH6629 LMH6639 LMH6639-MIL LMH6640 LMH6642 LMH6642Q-Q1 LMH6643 LMH6643Q-Q1 LMH6644 LMH6644-MIL LMH6645 LMH6646 LMH6647 LMH6654 LMH6655 LMH6657 LMH6658 LMH6672 LMH6682 LMH6683 LMH6702 LMH6702-MIL LMH6702QML-SP LMH6703 LMH6714 LMH6715 LMH6715-MIL LMH6715QML LMH6715QML-SP LMH6720 LMH6722 LMH6722-Q1 LMH6723 LMH6724 LMH6732 LMH6733 LMH6738 LMH6739 LMP2011 LMP2012 LMP2012QML-SP LMP2014MT LMP2021 LMP2022 LMP2231 LMP2232 LMP2234 LMP7312 LMP7701 LMP7702 LMP7704 LMP7707 LMP7708 LMP7709 LMP7711 LMP7712 LMP7715 LMP7716 LMP7716-Q1 LMP7717 LMP7718 LMP7721 LMP7731 LMP7732 LMP8350 LMP8358 LMP8671 LMP8672 LMP8674 LMV116 LMV118 LMV2011 LMV301 LMV321 LMV321-N LMV321-N-Q1 LMV324 LMV324-N LMV324-N-Q1 LMV324-Q1 LMV324S LMV341 LMV341-N LMV341-Q1 LMV342 LMV342-N LMV344 LMV344-N LMV344-Q1 LMV358 LMV358-N LMV358-N-Q1 LMV358-Q1 LMV551 LMV551-Q1 LMV552 LMV554 LMV601 LMV602 LMV604 LMV611 LMV612 LMV614 LMV641 LMV651 LMV652 LMV654 LMV710 LMV710-N LMV711 LMV712 LMV712-N LMV712-N-Q1 LMV715 LMV716 LMV721 LMV721-N LMV722 LMV722-N LMV722-Q1 LMV751 LMV771 LMV772 LMV772-Q1 LMV774 LMV791 LMV791-DIE LMV792 LMV793 LMV794 LMV796 LMV796-Q1 LMV797 LMV821 LMV821-N LMV821-Q1 LMV822 LMV822-N LMV822-N-Q1 LMV824 LMV824-N LMV824-N-Q1 LMV831 LMV832 LMV834 LMV841 LMV841-Q1 LMV842 LMV842-Q1 LMV844 LMV844-Q1 LMV851 LMV852 LMV854 LMV861 LMV862 LMV881 LMV931 LMV931-N LMV931-N-Q1 LMV932 LMV932-N LMV932-N-Q1 LMV934 LMV934-N LMV934-N-Q1 LMV951 LMV981 LMV981-N LMV982 LMV982-N LP2902 LP2902-N LP2904 LP324 LP324-N LP358 LPC660 LPC661 LPC662 LPV321 LPV321-N LPV324 LPV324-N LPV358 LPV358-N LPV511 LPV521 LPV531 LPV542 LPV801 LPV802 LPV811 LPV812 LPV821 LT1013 LT1013-DIE LT1013AM LT1013D LT1013M LT1014 LT1014-MIL LT1014A LT1014D LT1014D-EP LT1037AM LTC1052 MC1458 MC1558 MC1558-DIE MC1558M MC3303 MC33078 MC33078-EP MC3403 MCP6292 MPY634 NE5532 NE5532A NE5534 NE5534A OP07C OP07D OP27 OPA1013 OPA103 OPA104 OPA111 OPA121 OPA124 OPA128 OPA129 OPA130 OPA131 OPA132 OPA134 OPA137 OPA140 OPA140A-DIE OPA141 OPA145 OPA1602 OPA1604 OPA1611 OPA1612 OPA1612-Q1 OPA1622 OPA1632 OPA1641 OPA1641-Q1 OPA1642 OPA1642-Q1 OPA1644 OPA1652 OPA1654 OPA1662 OPA1662-Q1 OPA1664 OPA1678 OPA1679 OPA1688 OPA1692 OPA170 OPA170-DIE OPA170-EP OPA170-Q1 OPA171 OPA171-Q1 OPA172 OPA172-Q1 OPA177 OPA180 OPA180-Q1 OPA188 OPA188-Q1 OPA189 OPA191 OPA192 OPA192-Q1 OPA196 OPA197 OPA1S2384 OPA1S2385 OPA209 OPA2107 OPA211 OPA211-EP OPA211-HT OPA2111 OPA2130 OPA2131 OPA2132 OPA2134 OPA2137 OPA2140 OPA2141 OPA2170 OPA2170-Q1 OPA2171 OPA2171-EP OPA2171-Q1 OPA2172 OPA2172-Q1 OPA2180 OPA2180-Q1 OPA2187 OPA2188 OPA2188-Q1 OPA2189 OPA2191 OPA2192 OPA2192-Q1 OPA2196 OPA2197 OPA2205 OPA2209 OPA2211-EP OPA2211-HT OPA2211A OPA2227 OPA2227-EP OPA2228 OPA2234 OPA2234M OPA2237 OPA2241 OPA2244 OPA2251 OPA227 OPA2277 OPA2277-DIE OPA2277-EP OPA228 OPA2300 OPA2301 OPA2313 OPA2314 OPA2314-EP OPA2314-Q1 OPA2316 OPA2316-Q1 OPA2317 OPA2317-Q1 OPA2320 OPA2320-Q1 OPA2322 OPA2322-Q1 OPA2325 OPA2330 OPA2333 OPA2333-HT OPA2333-Q1 OPA2333A-EP OPA2334 OPA2335 OPA2335M OPA2336 OPA2337 OPA2338 OPA234 OPA2340 OPA2340-DIE OPA2341 OPA2342 OPA2343 OPA2344 OPA2345 OPA2347 OPA2348 OPA2348-DIE OPA2348-HIREL OPA2348-Q1 OPA2349 OPA2350 OPA2353 OPA2354 OPA2354A-Q1 OPA2355 OPA2356 OPA2357 OPA2363 OPA2364 OPA2365 OPA2365-Q1 OPA2369 OPA237 OPA2373 OPA2374 OPA2376 OPA2376-Q1 OPA2377 OPA2377-Q1 OPA2378 OPA2379 OPA2380 OPA2381 OPA2388 OPA241 OPA244 OPA251 OPA2541 OPA2544 OPA2604 OPA2607 OPA2613 OPA2614 OPA2625 OPA2626 OPA2631 OPA2634 OPA2650 OPA2652 OPA2658 OPA2662 OPA2670 OPA2673 OPA2674 OPA2677 OPA2680 OPA2681 OPA2682 OPA2683 OPA2684 OPA2686 OPA2690 OPA2691 OPA2694 OPA2695 OPA27 OPA2703 OPA2704 OPA2705 OPA2725 OPA2726 OPA2727 OPA2734 OPA2735 OPA2743 OPA277 OPA2810 OPA2822 OPA2830 OPA2832 OPA2835 OPA2835-DIE OPA2836 OPA2836-Q1 OPA2846 OPA2889 OPA2890 OPA2991 OPA300 OPA301 OPA313 OPA314 OPA314-Q1 OPA316 OPA316-Q1 OPA317 OPA317-Q1 OPA320 OPA320-Q1 OPA322 OPA322-Q1 OPA330 OPA333 OPA333-Q1 OPA333A-EP OPA334 OPA335 OPA3355 OPA336 OPA336-EP OPA337 OPA338 OPA340 OPA340-EP OPA341 OPA342 OPA343 OPA344 OPA345 OPA347 OPA348 OPA348-Q1 OPA349 OPA350 OPA353 OPA354 OPA354A-Q1 OPA355 OPA355-Q1 OPA356-Q1 OPA357 OPA358 OPA363 OPA364 OPA365 OPA365-EP OPA365-Q1 OPA3680 OPA3681 OPA3682 OPA3684 OPA369 OPA3690 OPA3691 OPA3695 OPA37 OPA373 OPA374 OPA376 OPA376-Q1 OPA377 OPA377-Q1 OPA378 OPA379 OPA380 OPA381 OPA3832 OPA388 OPA404 OPA4130 OPA4131 OPA4132 OPA4134 OPA4137 OPA4140 OPA4141 OPA4170 OPA4170-Q1 OPA4171 OPA4171-Q1 OPA4172 OPA4172-Q1 OPA4180 OPA4188 OPA4191 OPA4192 OPA4196 OPA4197 OPA4209 OPA4227 OPA4228 OPA4234 OPA4237 OPA4241 OPA4243 OPA4244 OPA4251 OPA4277 OPA4277-EP OPA4277-SP OPA4313 OPA4314 OPA4314-Q1 OPA4316 OPA4316-Q1 OPA4317 OPA4322 OPA4322-Q1 OPA4330 OPA4336 OPA4340 OPA4342 OPA4343 OPA4344 OPA4345 OPA4347 OPA4348 OPA4348-Q1 OPA4350 OPA4350-DIE OPA4353 OPA4354 OPA4354-Q1 OPA4364 OPA4364-Q1 OPA4374 OPA4376 OPA4376-Q1 OPA4377 OPA4377-Q1 OPA4379 OPA445 OPA452 OPA453 OPA454 OPA462 OPA4650 OPA4658 OPA4684 OPA4684M OPA4703 OPA4704 OPA4705 OPA4727 OPA4743 OPA4820 OPA4830 OPA4991 OPA501 OPA512 OPA541 OPA544 OPA547 OPA548 OPA549 OPA549-HIREL OPA551 OPA552 OPA561 OPA564 OPA564-Q1 OPA567 OPA569 OPA602 OPA603 OPA604 OPA606 OPA620 OPA621 OPA622 OPA623 OPA625 OPA627 OPA627-DIE OPA631 OPA632 OPA634 OPA635 OPA637 OPA640 OPA642 OPA643 OPA650 OPA651 OPA653 OPA655 OPA656 OPA656-DIE OPA657 OPA657-DIE OPA658 OPA659 OPA660 OPA671 OPA678 OPA680 OPA681 OPA682 OPA683 OPA684 OPA685 OPA686 OPA687 OPA688 OPA688M OPA689 OPA689M OPA690 OPA691 OPA694 OPA695 OPA698 OPA698M OPA699 OPA699M OPA703 OPA704 OPA705 OPA725 OPA726 OPA727 OPA728 OPA734 OPA735 OPA743 OPA820 OPA820-HT OPA827 OPA830 OPA830-EP OPA832 OPA835 OPA836 OPA837 OPA838 OPA842 OPA843 OPA846 OPA846-DIE OPA847 OPA855-Q1 OPA857 OPA857-DIE OPA890 OPA991 PGA100 PGA870 RC4136 RC4558 RC4559 RC4560 RC4580 RC4580-Q1 SA5532 SA5532A SA5534 SA5534A SE5534 SM72501 SM73302 SM73307 SM73308 SN10501 SN10502 SN10503 THS3001 THS3001-DIE THS3061 THS3062 THS3091 THS3092 THS3095 THS3096 THS3110 THS3111 THS3112 THS3115 THS3120 THS3121 THS3122 THS3125 THS3201 THS3201-EP THS3202 THS3215 THS3217 THS3491 THS4001 THS4011 THS4011M THS4012 THS4021 THS4022 THS4031 THS4031M THS4032 THS4032-EP THS4041 THS4041-Q1 THS4042 THS4051 THS4051M THS4052 THS4061 THS4061M THS4062 THS4081 THS4082 THS4120 THS4121 THS4130 THS4131 THS4140 THS4141 THS4150 THS4151 THS4211 THS4215 THS4221 THS4222 THS4225 THS4226 THS4271 THS4271-EP THS4275 THS4281 THS4304 THS4304-SP THS4500 THS4500-EP THS4501 THS4502 THS4503 THS4503-EP THS4504 THS4505 THS4508 THS4509 THS4509-Q1 THS4511 THS4511-SP THS4513 THS4513-SP THS4520 THS4520-DIE THS4521 THS4521-HT THS4522 THS4524 THS4524-EP THS4531 THS4531A THS4532 THS4541 THS4541-Q1 THS4551 THS4552 THS4561 THS4601 THS4631 THS6002 THS6012 THS6022 THS6032 THS6042 THS6043 THS6052 THS6053 THS6062 THS6072 THS6092 THS6093 THS6132 THS6182 THS6184 THS6204 THS6212 THS6214 THS6226 THS6226A THS7102 THS7103 THS770006 THS770012 TL022 TL031 TL031A TL032 TL032A TL034 TL034A TL051 TL051A TL052 TL052A TL054 TL054A TL061 TL061A TL061B TL062 TL062A TL062B TL062M TL064 TL064A TL064B TL064M TL070 TL071 TL071A TL071B TL072 TL072-EP TL072A TL072B TL072M TL074 TL074-EP TL074A TL074B TL074M TL080 TL081 TL081A TL081B TL082 TL082-N TL082-Q1 TL082A TL082B TL082M TL084 TL084A TL084B TL084M TL092 TL103W TL103WA TL288 TL322 TL33071 TL33071A TL33072 TL33072A TL33074 TL33074A TL34071 TL34071A TL34072 TL34072A TL34074 TL34074A TL3414A TL343 TL3472 TL3472-Q1 TL3474 TL3474A TL35072 TL35074 TL35074A TL4581 TL5580 TL5580A TL971 TL971-Q1 TL972 TL972-Q1 TL974 TL974-Q1 TLC070 TLC070A TLC071 TLC071A TLC072 TLC072-Q1 TLC072A TLC073 TLC073A TLC074 TLC074A TLC075 TLC075A TLC080 TLC080A TLC081 TLC081A TLC082 TLC082-Q1 TLC082A TLC083 TLC083A TLC084 TLC084-Q1 TLC084A TLC085 TLC085A TLC1078 TLC1079 TLC2201 TLC2201-SP TLC2201A TLC2201AM TLC2201AM-MIL TLC2201B TLC2201M TLC2202 TLC2202A TLC2202AM TLC2202B TLC2202M TLC2252 TLC2252-DIE TLC2252-Q1 TLC2252A TLC2252A-EP TLC2252A-Q1 TLC2252AM TLC2252M TLC2254 TLC2254-Q1 TLC2254A TLC2254A-EP TLC2254A-Q1 TLC2254AM TLC2254M TLC2262 TLC2262A TLC2262AM TLC2262M TLC2264 TLC2264A TLC2264A-Q1 TLC2264AM TLC2272 TLC2272-Q1 TLC2272A TLC2272A-EP TLC2272A-Q1 TLC2272AM TLC2272AM-MIL TLC2272M TLC2272M-MIL TLC2274 TLC2274-EP TLC2274-HT TLC2274-Q1 TLC2274A TLC2274A-EP TLC2274A-Q1 TLC2274AM TLC2274AM-MIL TLC2274M TLC2274M-MIL TLC227x-EP, TLC227xA-EP TLC251 TLC251A TLC251B TLC252 TLC252A TLC252B TLC254 TLC254A TLC254B TLC25L2 TLC25L2A TLC25L2B TLC25L4 TLC25L4A TLC25L4B TLC25M2 TLC25M2A TLC25M2B TLC25M4 TLC25M4A TLC25M4B TLC2652 TLC2652A TLC2652AM TLC2652M TLC2652M-MIL TLC2654 TLC2654A TLC2654AM TLC271 TLC271A TLC271B TLC272 TLC272A TLC272B TLC274 TLC274A TLC274B TLC274X2 TLC277 TLC279 TLC27L1 TLC27L1A TLC27L1B TLC27L2 TLC27L2A TLC27L2B TLC27L2M TLC27L4 TLC27L4A TLC27L4B TLC27L7 TLC27L9 TLC27M2 TLC27M2A TLC27M2B TLC27M4 TLC27M4A TLC27M4B TLC27M7 TLC27M9 TLC2801 TLC2810 TLC2872 TLC320AD545 TLC4501 TLC4501A TLC4502 TLC4502A TLC4502AM TLC4502M TLE2021 TLE2021-EP TLE2021-Q1 TLE2021A TLE2021A-EP TLE2021A-Q1 TLE2021AM TLE2021B TLE2021M TLE2021M-MIL TLE2022 TLE2022-EP TLE2022-Q1 TLE2022A TLE2022A-EP TLE2022A-Q1 TLE2022AM TLE2022AM-MIL TLE2022B TLE2022BM TLE2022M TLE2022M-MIL TLE2024 TLE2024-EP TLE2024-Q1 TLE2024A TLE2024A-EP TLE2024A-Q1 TLE2024AM TLE2024B TLE2024BM TLE2024BM-MIL TLE2024M TLE2027 TLE2027-EP TLE2027A TLE2027AM TLE2027AM-MIL TLE2027M TLE2027M-MIL TLE2037 TLE2037-Q1 TLE2037A TLE2037A-Q1 TLE2061 TLE2061A TLE2061AM TLE2061B TLE2061BM TLE2061M TLE2061M-D TLE2062 TLE2062A TLE2062AM TLE2062AM-D TLE2062B TLE2062BM TLE2062M TLE2062M-D TLE2064 TLE2064A TLE2064AM TLE2064AM-D TLE2064B TLE2064BM TLE2064M TLE2064M-D TLE2071 TLE2071-Q1 TLE2071A TLE2071A-Q1 TLE2071AM TLE2071M TLE2072 TLE2072A TLE2072A-Q1 TLE2072AM TLE2072M TLE2074 TLE2074A TLE2074AM TLE2074M TLE2081 TLE2081A TLE2082 TLE2082A TLE2082AM TLE2082M TLE2084 TLE2084A TLE2141 TLE2141-EP TLE2141-Q1 TLE2141A TLE2141AM TLE2141M TLE2141M-D TLE2142 TLE2142-Q1 TLE2142A TLE2142AM TLE2142AM-D TLE2142M TLE2142M-D TLE2144 TLE2144-EP TLE2144A TLE2144AM TLE2144M TLE2144M-D TLE2161 TLE2161A TLE2161AM TLE2161B TLE2161BM TLE2161M TLE2227 TLE2237 TLE2301 TLE2662 TLE2682 TLV07 TLV170 TLV171 TLV171-Q1 TLV172 TLV2170 TLV2171 TLV2172 TLV2211 TLV2221 TLV2231 TLV2241 TLV2242 TLV2244 TLV2252 TLV2252-Q1 TLV2252A TLV2252A-EP TLV2252A-Q1 TLV2252AM TLV2252M TLV2254 TLV2254-Q1 TLV2254A TLV2254A-EP TLV2254A-Q1 TLV2262 TLV2262-Q1 TLV2262A TLV2262A-Q1 TLV2262AM TLV2262M TLV2264 TLV2264-Q1 TLV2264A TLV2264A-Q1 TLV2264AM TLV2313 TLV2314 TLV2314-Q1 TLV2316 TLV2316-Q1 TLV2322 TLV2324 TLV2332 TLV2333 TLV2334 TLV2341 TLV2342 TLV2344 TLV2361 TLV2362 TLV2369 TLV2370 TLV2371 TLV2371-DIE TLV2371-EP TLV2371-Q1 TLV2372 TLV2372-Q1 TLV2373 TLV2374 TLV2374-EP TLV2374-Q1 TLV2375 TLV2376 TLV2379 TLV2381 TLV2382 TLV2401 TLV2402 TLV2402-Q1 TLV2404 TLV2422 TLV2422-Q1 TLV2422A TLV2422A-Q1 TLV2422M TLV2432 TLV2432-Q1 TLV2432A TLV2432A-Q1 TLV2434 TLV2434A TLV2434A-Q1 TLV2442 TLV2442-Q1 TLV2442A TLV2442A-Q1 TLV2442AM TLV2442M TLV2444 TLV2444A TLV2444A-Q1 TLV2450 TLV2450A TLV2451 TLV2451A TLV2452 TLV2452A TLV2453 TLV2454 TLV2454A TLV2455 TLV2455A TLV2460 TLV2460-Q1 TLV2460A TLV2460A-Q1 TLV2460M TLV2461 TLV2461-Q1 TLV2461A TLV2461A-Q1 TLV2461M TLV2462 TLV2462-Q1 TLV2462A TLV2462A-EP TLV2462A-EP-Q TLV2462A-Q1 TLV2462AM TLV2462M TLV2463 TLV2463-Q1 TLV2463A TLV2463A-Q1 TLV2463AM TLV2464 TLV2464A TLV2464A-EP TLV2464A-Q1 TLV2465 TLV2470 TLV2470A TLV2471 TLV2471-Q1 TLV2471A TLV2471A-Q1 TLV2472 TLV2472-Q1 TLV2472A TLV2472A-Q1 TLV2473 TLV2473A TLV2474 TLV2474-Q1 TLV2474A TLV2474A-Q1 TLV2475 TLV2475A TLV2620 TLV2621 TLV2622 TLV2623 TLV2624 TLV2630 TLV2631 TLV2632 TLV2634 TLV271 TLV271-Q1 TLV2711 TLV272 TLV272-Q1 TLV2721 TLV2731 TLV274 TLV274-Q1 TLV2760 TLV2761 TLV2762 TLV2763 TLV2764 TLV2765 TLV2770 TLV2770A TLV2771 TLV2771-Q1 TLV2771A TLV2772 TLV2772-Q1 TLV2772A TLV2772A-EP TLV2772A-Q1 TLV2772AM TLV2772AM-D TLV2773 TLV2773A TLV2774 TLV2774-EP TLV2774A TLV2774A-EP TLV2775 TLV2775A TLV2780 TLV2781 TLV2782 TLV2782A TLV2783 TLV2784 TLV2784A TLV2785 TLV2785A TLV27L1 TLV27L2 TLV27L2-Q1 TLV313 TLV314 TLV314-Q1 TLV316 TLV316-Q1 TLV333 TLV341 TLV341A TLV342 TLV342A TLV342S TLV3541 TLV3542 TLV3544 TLV369 TLV376 TLV379 TLV4110 TLV4111 TLV4112 TLV4112-DIE TLV4113 TLV4113-EP TLV4120 TLV4170 TLV4171 TLV4172 TLV4313 TLV4314 TLV4314-Q1 TLV4316 TLV4316-Q1 TLV4333 TLV4376 TLV4379 TLV521 TLV522 TLV6001 TLV6002 TLV6004 TLV6741 TLV8542 TLV8544 TLV8801 TLV8802 TLV8811 TLV8812 TLV9051 TLV9052 TLV9054 TLV9062 TS321 TS321-Q1 TSM102 TSM102A TSM104W TSM104WA TSV912 UA741 UA747 VCA610
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  1. Quad 5-MHz, 15-V/µs high slew-rate, RRIO op amp
China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer
  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV9051IDBVR
    Single 5-MHz, 15-V/µs high slew-rate, RRIO op amp 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV9052SIDGSR
    Dual 5MHz, 15V/us high slew-rate, RRIO op amp 10-VSSOP -40 to 125
  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments OPA2189ID
    Dual, 14MHz, MUX-friendly, low-noise, zero-drift, RRO, CMOS precision operational amplifier 8-SOIC -40 to 125
  2. Programmable Quad Operational Amplifier
  3. Datasheet Texas Instruments OPA991IDBVR
    40-V, single 4.5MHz, rail-to-rail input/output, low-offset-voltage, low-noise op amp 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125
  4. 40-V, dual 4.5-MHz, rail-to-rail input/output, low-offset-voltage, low-noise op amp
  5. Datasheet Texas Instruments OPA2991IDDFR
    40-V, dual-channel, 4.5-MHz, rail-to-rail input/output, low-offset-voltage, low-noise op amp 8-SOT-23-THIN -40 to 125
  6. Automotive 8-GHz gain bandwidth, decompensated transimpedance amplifier with bipolar input
  7. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-0051201QHA
    Single, Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier w/Shutdown 10-CFP -55 to 125
  8. 180-V, wide bandwidth (6.5 MHz), high-slew rate (25 V/µs) unity-gain stable op amp 8-SO PowerPAD -40 to 85
  9. 10µV, 0.1µV/˚C, High-Precision, Low-Power Operational Amplifier
  10. Low power, low noise, precision amplifier with e-trim and super betas input transistors 8-VSSOP -40 to 125
  11. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM324J
    Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier 14-CDIP 0 to 70
  12. Dual Low-Noise JFET-Input General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
  13. Military Enhanced Product Dual Operational Amplifier
  14. Low-Noise High-Speed Audio Operational Amplifier
  15. Precision CMOS Single Operational Amplifier
  16. Tiny Low Power Operational Amplifier with Rail-to-Rail Input and Output

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