Datasheets DC/DC Switching Controllers & Regulators Intersil

Subsection: "DC/DC Switching Controllers & Regulators"
Manufacturer: "Intersil"
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  1. 6A Digital Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter with Auto Compensation
  2. Datasheet Intersil ZL2102ALAFTK
    6A Digital Integrated Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Regulator with Auto Compensation
  3. Datasheet Intersil ZL2105ALNFT
    3A Integrated Digital DC-DC Converter
  4. Datasheet Intersil ZL2106ALCF
    6A Digital-DC Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  1. Datasheet Intersil ISL78206AVEZ
    40V 2.5A Buck Controller with Integrated High-Side MOSFET
  2. Datasheet Intersil ISL78208ARZ
    Wide V IN Dual Standard Buck Regulator with 3A/3A Continuous Output Current
  3. Datasheet Intersil ISL78201AVEZ-T
    40V 2.5A Regulator with Integrated High-Side MOSFET for Synchronous Buck or Boost Buck Converter
  4. Dual 2A/1.7A, 2.25MHz High-Efficiency, Synchronous Buck Regulator
  5. Datasheet Intersil ISL78233ARZ
    3A Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator
  6. Datasheet Intersil ISL78113AARAZ-T
    Low Input Voltage and High Efficiency Synchronous Boost Converter with 1.3A Switch
  7. Datasheet Intersil ISL78234ARZ
    4A Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator
  8. Datasheet Intersil ISL78235AARZ-T7A
    5A Automotive Synchronous Buck Regulator
  9. Datasheet Intersil ISL78228ARZ
    Dual 800mA Low Quiescent Current 2.25MHz High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator
  10. Datasheet Intersil ISL78236ARZ
    Dual 3A Current Sharing 2.5MHz High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator
  11. Datasheet Intersil ISL78213ARZ-T
    3A Low Quiescent Current, High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator
  12. Datasheet Intersil ISL78214ARZ
    4A Low Quiescent Current High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator
  13. Datasheet Intersil ISL78235ARZ-TR5668
    Automotive 5A Synchronous Buck Regulator
  14. Datasheet Intersil ISL8560MREP-TK
    DC/DC Power Switching Regulator
  15. Datasheet Intersil ISL91211BIIZ-T
    Triple/Quad Output Power Management IC
  16. 3A Synchronous Buck Converter in 2x2 DFN Package

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