Datasheets - Bipolar Single Transistors Bourns

Subsection: "Bipolar Single Transistors"
Manufacturer: "Bourns"
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  1. Datasheet TIPP31C - Bourns TRANSISTOR, NPN, TO-92
    Part Number: TIPP31C Manufacturer: Bourns Description: TRANSISTOR, NPN, TO-92 Download Data Sheet Docket: TIPP31, TIPP31A, TIPP31B, TIPP31C NPN SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS 20 W Pulsed Power Dissipation 100 V Capability 2 A Continuous Collector ...
  2. Datasheet TIP31 - Bourns TRANSISTOR, NPN TO-220
    Part Number: TIP31 Manufacturer: Bourns Description: TRANSISTOR, NPN TO-220 Download Data Sheet Docket: TIP31, TIP31A, TIP31B, TIP31C NPN SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS Designed for Complementary Use with the TIP32 Series 40 W at 25°C Case Temperature 3 ...
  3. Datasheet TIP2955 - Bourns TRANSISTOR, PNP SOT-93
    Part Number: TIP2955 Manufacturer: Bourns Description: TRANSISTOR, PNP SOT-93 Download Data Sheet Docket: TIP2955 PNP SILICON POWER TRANSISTOR Copyright © 1997, Power Innovations Limited, UK JANUARY 1972 - REVISED MARCH 1997 q Designed for ...
  4. Datasheet TIP136 - Bourns TRANSISTOR, DARLINGTON TO-220
    Part Number: TIP136 Manufacturer: Bourns Description: TRANSISTOR, DARLINGTON TO-220 Download Data Sheet Docket: TIP135, TIP136, TIP137 PNP SILICON POWER DARLINGTONS Designed for Complementary Use with TIP130, TIP131 and TIP132 70 W at 25°C Case ...

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