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  1. Hello.:) Cannot run the uart on the Atmega128. For a week now trying to solve this issue. Maybe speed error or configuration bits? :confused: The code of the program and the schematic are below. [CODE] .include .equ XTAL_CPU = 8000000 ...
  2. I'm in need of assemble lang. code for digital equalizer using pic18f452. Thanks.
  3. I have a tvc 14 Sony inch and I doubt if the flyback is good. Would greatly help if I could test the flyback . The flyback is the code AT2079/U1
  4. hello. Why spoil led? What am I doing wrong? After the next inclusion see smoke. schematic device following. Led parameters: u=3v, p=0.1w:):confused: supply voltage 50 volts look OHM's law! mark you studied in school? Ohm law: U=I*R => R=U/I be ...
  1. More: AVR Programmer Cann this Programmer to be used for Attiny26? Thanks Greetings. This device is, if correctly and without errors is constructed, it can be used for many AVR microcontrollers (used Ponyprog). Can I work with the PIC ...
  2. More: A Universal RFID Key. Part 3 - The Software, Entering data into our card excuse me, but can you give in addinion hex-file, for this project, but, when i compiled source code, i have a lot of errors Greetings. Let's try to understand the ...
  3. More: AVR programmer Olimex AVR-PG1 my PC doesnt have a RS232 pin so i have to connect through usb to serial converter, can you suggest me an alternative for AVR- PG1 programmer for programming AVR controllers Maybe in this case, the best solution ...
  4. More: How I home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine. Part 5 What happened to Parts 3 and 4? Hi - nice project ! I wanna make one myself to charge some batteries - what do you have as a controller between the generator and the batteries ? ...
  5. More: Autorange Capacitance Meter anyone please email me( hex code of this capacitor mesu. projects. please. i am waiting for you. thanking u sir.
  6. More: Generate boost rails in a bridge-rectifier circuit You can of course extend this idea for more current & less ripple on your auxilliary rails by adding further half wave doublers from the other side of the transformer, giving full wave ...
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