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Default Discussion: Isolated circuit monitors ac line

David Williams EDN The circuit in Figure 1 provides a low-cost, isolated ac-line monitor that measures ac-line-voltage level and has some other unique capabilities. The analysis of the circuit is straightforward: When the ac input, VIN, is positive relative to neutral, you apply it to the network comprising R1, R2, D1, and the LED in optocoupler IC1.
More: Isolated circuit monitors ac line
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The first thing that was zasomnevalas. Did I detector voltage transition through zero, also on the basis of the time of on/off of the optocoupler, and noticed that the my scheme is considerably affected by noise on the mains. Probably in this scheme will be a significant jitter due to noise in the network. Need hardware filtering of signal or software averaging measurement, or both
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Too complicated dependence of the pulse width of the voltage requires the use of a microprocessor and individual calibration of each meter. These things I can not afford as many radio Amateurs. Did the synchronization network: a step-down trance, with its windings on the active bandpass filter on OU, then the formers are positive and negative polarity, the formers at the front and a decline in the correct combination.
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