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Default Description of traditional PCBA design and manufacturing knowledge

Introduction to Rigid PCBAs
(1) Knowledge approximately inflexible PCBA layout and PCB production techniques, because the call suggests, an inflexible PCBA layout is a hard, strong revealed circuit board. We all understand that rigid PCB board layout may be single-sided, double-sided or multi-layered. Meanwhile, the revealed circuit board may be bendy, inflexible or a combination of the two.

(2). So the rigid PCB is something we can not pressure to deform or bend. It's now no longer flexible. Rigid PCB designs may be single-sided, double-sided or multi-layered. Once an inflexible circuit board is absolutely fabricated, it can not be folded or changed into every other shape.

Rigid-flex Circuit
Rigid-flex circuits are made by combining rigid and flexible circuit board technologies. Depending on the utility design, maximum rigid-flex encompass more than one layers of flex circuit substrates which are internally or externally related to at least one or greater rigid PCBA. Flexible substrates are designed to be in a consistent country of flex, generally forming a flex curve all through set up or manufacturing.

Rigid-Flex PCBA Design Guidelines
In order for you to customize a perfect rigid-flex PCBA at FS Technology, please follow the following design guidelines for rigid-flex PCBA when designing:

Keep it curved rather than sharp.
Change the width of the trace slowly rather than immediately
Reduce costs and increase mechanical flexibility by reducing the number of layers in a flexible PCBA.
Maintain longer trace width and spacing
Pad and trace connection patterns should be teardrop or circular
Weld face and annular ring should be as large as possible
Rigid-flex PCB application
Rigid-flex PCB has an extensive variety of programs; for example, it could be used in lots of not unusual place digital products. In addition, it could additionally be hooked up in high-quit manipulate systems. Medical gadgets and clever gadgets are the maximum essential habitual programs for rigid-flex PCBA design.

Rigid-flex PCBA can provide a series of advantages to meet the needs of smart device design, as it can not only reduce the overall weight of the electronic device, but also reduce the external size. In addition, for medical devices, the advantage of rigid-flex PCB design is that it can be folded and bent in a very small space, thus greatly improving the reliability of the device.


Now you know Rigid Bond PCB. You must follow all the steps we discussed above. If you manage everything we mentioned above, then you have a good chance of making a custom rigid bond PCBA board. It is best to study the entire PCBA manufacturing process before entering the PCB design and manufacturing stage. For more questions, please contact us.
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rigid-flex pcba

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