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Default I want to replace multi-deck rotary switches with a microcontroller for my audio and got some problem

I want to replace expansive multi-deck rotary switches with a micro-controller and digitally controlled (i2C or ISP) analog switches.

It will be used in a vintage (1972) discreet transistor microphone preamplifier design (Neve 1073).

The original used "noizy" carbon resistors dividers to attenuate signal between stages. I want to keep the signal as "clean" as the original, wich should be easy as far as I understand it.

I wonder if there are any drawbacks in using cheap ICs like the new Vishays DG series Analog switches IC. Distortion? Noise? Etc...

I need to pass low (100mVac) and hi(15Vac) level audio signals through the switches. A ROn of 120Ohms or less is ok (I guess) with this design.

serial communication would be great (I2C or ISP)

I'm not an expenrienced EE and I'm lost among the available choices. I have no experience passing audio signals through this kind of ICs.

My big vintage console is an important selling argument. ICs have a bad reputation among audio enthousiasts so I must be carefull if I break the "discreet rules" as I will need good arguments to convince my clients no harm will be made to their music.

Here is a simplified shematic of the circuit. The divider switches are symbolized by pots. I Hope I gave enough info. Thanks for your insights.


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