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Default Controlling Motor with 0-10 V input

I am trying to complete a project for my senior design class. The task at hand is as follows: I have to control a either brushed or brushless motor with a simple 0-10V input that correlates with the motor speed. The motor is going to be rated at 50A 24V. Currently I am thinking of using an off the shelf motor controller with a built-in PWM(pulse width modulation) unit. However with every component like this it uses a potentiometer (manual component) to alter the duty cycle which in turn alters the motor speed, now I need to do that with a simple electrical input fed from a computer program.

My thinking was that maybe, somehow I could control the duty cycle with an input voltage, say by just popping the pot off and replacing that input with a 0-10V input, but I'm not sure if that is the correct course of action or not seeing as how I'm guessing the input coming from the potentiometer is most likely the PWM signal which is used control the motor speed.
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That is a large motor.
If the drive in question uses a PWM with simple 555 to control the motor, the pot will just be to vary the timing input so it could be replaced by an Op-amp or maybe with a variable output opto such as H11F1 etc.
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Yes it is, we are trying to simulate air flow from an indy car, to be used in a scale model in a windtunnel in order to analyze the effects it has on aero dynamics.

The pot on the my motor controller UK1133, is connected to the PIC16F616, which seems to me is operating exactly as you suggested.

Now if I were to replace the pot with an op-amp or the mosfet IC you suggested, how would I connect it in place of the pot?
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