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Radiolocman Robot
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Default Discussion: Mini High-Voltage Generator

Circuit diagram: Circuit Description Here’s a project that could be useful this summer on the beach, to stop anyone touching your things left on your beach towel while you’ve gone swimming; you might equally well use it at the office or workshop when you go back to work. In a very small space, and powered by simple primary cells or rechargeable batteries, the proposed circuit generates a low-energy, high voltage of the order of around 200 to 400 V, harmless to humans, of course, but still able to give a quite nasty ‘poke’ to anyone who touches it.
More: Mini High-Voltage Generator
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Indeed a nice way to learn about the Hartley oscillator.
After i repaired my oscilloscoop i'm going to try this out.

A tip; to give an intruder/thief a chance to change his/her mind you could put a sticker on the guarded object.
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Originally Posted by Radiolocman Robot View Post
So,besides this,how much load can this supply if i want to use it for domestic purpose? The circuit is nice and simple,am going to try it.
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