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Maxim Integrated Synchronous DC-DC Inverting Converters
Maxim Integrated Synchronous DC-DC Inverting Converters Reduce Component Count by Half for Industrial Automation and Signal Conditioning Solutions
03.24.2021 News

The MAX17577 and MAX17578 from Maxim Integrated Products are the industry’s smallest, highest-efficiency synchronous inverting DC-DC step-down converters. As Maxim’s first 60 V inverting DC-DC converters with integrated level shifters, these devices save up to 72 percent of board space...

Relatively Easy Way Realize Programmable LED
A Relatively Easy Way to Realize a Programmable LED Driver
03.23.2021 Articles

LEDs are increasingly being used as energy saving light sources as a response to new energy regulations. They have decisive advantages over conventional lights: they consume less energy, have longer lifetimes, and are available in various colors...

Vishay Intertechnology 70 80 100 VRPower
Vishay Intertechnology 70 A, 80 A, and 100 A VRPower Smart Power Stages Increase Efficiency and Accuracy to Support Latest Generation of Microprocessors
03.23.2021 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced nine new 70 A, 80 A, and 100 A VRPower smart power stages with integrated current and temperature monitoring in the thermally enhanced 5 mm × 6 mm PowerPAK® MLP56-39 package...

Use two phases cut current improve
Use two phases to cut current and improve EMI
03.22.2021 Circuits

In dc/dc-converter applications in which the input voltage may be lower or higher than the output voltage, you can use either a flyback converter or a SEPIC. SEPICs offer lower input-current ripple and higher efficiency than do flyback designs...

rth Elektronik introduces its WSEN-HIDS humidity
Würth Elektronik introduces its WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor
03.22.2021 News

Würth Elektronik has developed a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensor only 2 × 2 × 0.9 mm in size. Thanks to its low energy requirement and its calibrated and temperature-compensated digital output, the sensor measures humidity and temperature with long-term stability...

Dialog Semiconductor Adds Multi-Channel Input Capability
Dialog Semiconductor Adds Multi-Channel Input Capability to New Nanoamp GreenPAK Device
03.18.2021 News

Dialog Semiconductor announced the expansion of their popular GreenPAK solution suite with the SLG46811, the market’s smallest GreenPAK device to include an I2C communication interface...

Compact Low-Profile LDOs Toshiba Deliver Low
Compact, Low-Profile LDOs from Toshiba Deliver Low Output Voltage Noise Alongside Exceptional Output Voltage Accuracy
03.17.2021 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has underlined its strength in power management by announcing the introduction of its new TCR5RG series. These low drop-out voltage regulators cover an output voltage range of 0.9 V to 5.0 V...

Circuit provides 4- 20-mA loop microcontrollers
Circuit provides 4- to 20-mA loop for microcontrollers
03.16.2021 Circuits

The 4- to 20-mA current loop is ubiquitous in the world of controls in manufacturing plants. Discrete logic, microprocessors, and microcontrollers easily cover the digital portions of control schemes, such as limit switches, pushbuttons, and signal lights...

IQD presents its new ultra-miniature LVDS
IQD presents its new ultra-miniature LVDS/LVPECL oscillators
03.16.2021 News

IQD is pleased to launch its newest LVDS/LVPECL clock oscillators, the IQXO-406 & IQXO-439, housed in a ultra-miniature 2.0 × 1.6 mm package. Available in a frequency range from 50 MHz to 250 MHz the new clock oscillators provide both miniaturisation and higher speed operation in one complete device...

Low-battery indicator uses fleapower
Low-battery indicator uses fleapower
03.15.2021 Circuits

It is always desirable to use a low-battery indicator that consumes as little power as possible. For a 9 V, 450-mAhr alkaline battery, a 50-µA low-battery indicator can by itself run the battery down in a little more than a year...

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