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Littelfuse Dual channel PPTC 50 Smaller
Littelfuse Dual channel PPTC with 50% Smaller Footprint Protects Telecom Equipment from Overcurrents
10.17.2019 News

Littelfuse announced a new series of 250 V Telecom PPTCs designed to help make telecom and network equipment more reliable. The TSM250-130 series protects against power cross and induced power surges...

Automotive-Compliant Linear Regulators Diodes Incorporated Deliver
Automotive-Compliant Linear Regulators from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High PSRR and Low Quiescent Current
10.16.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced the company’s first low-dropout linear regulators compliant to AEC-Q100 Grade 1. The AP7315Q and AP7343Q deliver 150 mA and 300 mA respectively...

Cypress Introduces USB-C Controller High-Volume Segments
Cypress Introduces USB-C Controller for High-Volume Segments in PC Market
10.15.2019 News

Cypress Semiconductor announced its latest USB-C controller, ACG1F. Designed for mainstream and entry-level notebooks and desktop PCs, ACG1F is a cost-effective single-port USB-C controller used for systems which need to convert legacy USB Type-A ports to USB Type-C ports...

Single-button lock provides high security
Single-button lock provides high security
10.14.2019 Circuits

Figure is the block diagram of an easily programmed, single-button combination lock. You operate the lock by using a series of short and long pulses from a momentary switch that masquerades as a doorbell button...

Toshiba Launches Voltage Drive Photorelay Tiny
Toshiba Launches Voltage Drive Photorelay with a Tiny 2.9mm2 Footprint
10.14.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe announces the availability of a new voltage driven photorelay with a tiny S-VSON4T package and reduced input power dissipation. The new product, designated TLP3407SR, features a maximum LED current of just 1 mA at the input...

GLF Introduces Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power
GLF's Introduces Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power Mux for IoT Applications
10.10.2019 News

GLF Integrated Power introduces the GLF74130, a two-input Power Mux IC that offers significant efficiency improvement over traditional diode-based solutions...

What Difference Between Raspberry Pis
What's the Difference Between Raspberry Pis?
10.10.2019 Articles

The progression of Raspberry Pi has seen jumps in performance and overall capabilities with every iteration. What specifically differentiates them all, though?...

Reduce Bill Materials BOM Wireless Audio
Reduce Bill of Materials (BOM) in Wireless Audio Designs with Microchip's New Bluetooth® 5.0-Qualified, Dual-Mode Solutions
10.10.2019 News

To help Bluetooth speaker and headphone manufacturers maintain product differentiation in the competitive wireless audio market, Microchip Technology released the next generation of its Bluetooth 5.0-qualified dual-mode audio IC and fully certified module...

Nonvolatile digital potentiometer gates logic signal
Nonvolatile digital potentiometer gates logic signal
10.09.2019 Circuits

This Design Idea describes a simple alternative to a nonvolatile gating function you typically implement using PAL, GAL, or a CPLD...

Highly efficient NFC programming method LED
Highly efficient NFC programming method for LED drivers: NLM0010 and NLM0011 ICs enable wide use in LED illumination
10.09.2019 News

For fast and cost-effective implementation of NFC programming for LED drivers, Infineon Technologies developed the NFC-PWM series NLM0011 and NLM0010...