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TI introduces industry first DC DC
TI introduces the industry's first DC/DC buck-boost converter to extend battery life by 50% and offer lowest IQ
12.27.2020 News

Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s first DC/DC buck-boost converter to combine programmable input current limit and integrated dynamic voltage scaling to extend battery life by at least 50%...

Quasiresonant converter uses simple CMOS IC
Quasiresonant converter uses a simple CMOS IC
12.24.2020 Circuits

Figure shows a flyback power supply that has low noise and uses a simple CMOS CD4093 IC for its control. The electrical noise of a converter arises mainly when current switches on...

ams introduces world smallest digital camera
ams introduces the world's smallest digital camera module
12.24.2020 News

ams announces the pre-release of one of the industry’s smallest, lightest 100k pixel image sensor to provide a digital video output suitable for use in mobile or wearable consumer devices...

Scalable current load offers constant resistance
Scalable current load offers constant resistance mode
12.23.2020 Circuits

Testing power supplies and batteries requires current loads capable of sinking large current and dissipating substantial amounts of power. A simple but accurate current load can be built using just a single op amp and a power MOSFET...

Frequency source feeds entire lab
Frequency source feeds entire lab
12.22.2020 Circuits

Plumbing a laboratory with a standard frequency makes a lot of sense if the lab uses multiple frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, and other frequency-dependent test equipment. Rather than spending time keeping all of the instruments' oscillators in calibration or buying expensive, high-precision oscillators, you can use the circuit...

Automotive-Compliant USB Type-C Port Protector Diodes
Automotive-Compliant USB Type-C Port Protector from Diodes Incorporated Offers Overvoltage and Short Circuit Protection with Low Insertion Loss
12.22.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the automotive-compliant, AEC-Q100 qualified, and PPAP capable DPO2039DABQ 4-channel protection solution for USB Type-C ports...

Circuit compensates optocoupler temperature coefficient
Circuit compensates optocoupler temperature coefficient
12.21.2020 Circuits

When using an optocoupler in a linear application, you should consider its gain drift with temperature. Traditional single- and dual-transistor-output devices have a notable gain drift with temperature...

EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced family greater design
EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced family for greater design flexibility and reduced hardware complexity
12.21.2020 News

Infineon Technologies has launched the EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced analog (1ED34xx) and digital (1ED38xx) gate driver ICs. These devices provide a typical output current of 3, 6 and 9 A, precise short-circuit detection, a Miller clamp and soft turn-off...

Simple circuits sort out highest voltage
Simple circuits sort out the highest voltage
12.20.2020 Circuits

In a water-cooled power converter, analog-output sensors measure the cooling water temperature at three locations. If any of the three temperatures rises above a preset threshold, an alarm sounds and attracts the attention of the system's operator...

Low-cost Intel-based SBC aims address Digital
Low-cost Intel-based SBC aims to address «Digital Divide»
12.20.2020 News

Affordable computer company Hackboard has introduced what it says is one of the lowest-priced Intel-powered and Windows-based single-board computers ever...

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