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Toshiba launches small photorelay high-frequency signal
Toshiba launches a small photorelay for high-frequency signal switching
10.23.2023 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new photorelay specifically engineered to reduce insertion loss and suppress power attenuation of high frequency signals...

DC-voltage doubler reaches 96 power efficiency
DC-voltage doubler reaches 96% power efficiency
10.19.2023 Circuits

The voltage-doubler circuit can convert 2.5 V dc to 5 V dc or 1.8 V to 3.3 V. Most voltage doublers use an inductor, but this circuit doesn’t need one...

Low-cost precision adjustable current reference application
Low-cost precision adjustable current reference and application
10.19.2023 Circuits

Low-cost monolithic precision adjustable voltage references are available in multiple families from multiple manufacturers, but this isn’t true for adjustable precision current references...

long pulse detector circuit
A long pulse detector circuit
10.17.2023 Circuits

There are several applications in which pulses longer than the set width are to be detected, ignoring the other short pulses. We are familiar with the missing pulse detector circuit...

Closer real-world analog filters
Closer to real-world analog filters
10.16.2023 Articles

There are two basic filter topologies that everyone recommends when they start to design their signal chain: multiple-feedback (MFB) or Sallen-Key topologies. But what are the differences and why would you choose one over the other?...

50 MHz 50 50-square wave output
A 50 MHz 50:50-square wave output frequency doubler/quadrupler
10.15.2023 Circuits

On two days in the course of every year, one in March heralding the start of spring and another in September marking the first of fall, the Earth’s axis of rotation aligns perpendicular to the rays of the Sun. These days are the equinoxes...

Circuit RMS output is linearly proportional
Circuit's RMS output is linearly proportional to temperature over wide range
10.12.2023 Circuits

It is known that the p-n diode can be the basis of an accurate thermometer for cryogenic temperatures up to about 200 °C. A constant current is maintained through the diode and the voltage across it gives an indication of the temperature...

Light out nowhere New ALIYOS LED-on-foil
«Light out of nowhere»: New ALIYOS LED-on-foil technology from ams OSRAM creates unprecedented effects in automotive lighting
10.12.2023 News

ams OSRAM reveals the development of its ALIYOS™ LED-on-foil technology, which opens up all-new possibilities for design freedom and creativity in automotive lighting...

Complete low-cost software programmable ohmmeter measures
Complete, low-cost, software programmable ohmmeter measures micro-ohms
10.11.2023 Circuits

Numerous applications require the measurement of very low resistances, including but not limited to fuse integrity analysis, relay characterization, and superconductor evaluation...

Halo microelectronics introduces new low-IQ synchronous
Halo microelectronics introduces a new low-IQ synchronous boost controller with spread spectrum
10.11.2023 News

Halo Microelectronics announces the launch of its AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified low-IQ synchronous boost controller with spread spectrum...