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KEMET new METCOM SMD inductor range
KEMET's new METCOM SMD inductor range addresses power density and efficiency application challenges
06.24.2019 News

KEMET Corporation launched a new range of SMD metal composite power inductors. Devices in the new METCOM series are ideal for developing more efficient DC to DC switching power supplies as well as other power-related applications...

Three low-side LED biasing topology options
Three low-side LED biasing topology options and their trade-offs
06.20.2019 Articles

Many imaging products are moving toward more efficient LED array-based solutions and away from traditional technologies such as lasers or lamps. Applying resistive voltage dividers enables the linear forward biasing of LEDs for proper operation...

Murata Develops Millimeter-wave RF Antenna Module
Murata Develops Millimeter-wave RF Antenna Module Contributing to the Creation of Next-generation High-speed Wireless Networks
06.20.2019 News

Murata Manufacturing has commercialized and begun mass-production of a millimeter-wave (60 GHz) RF antenna module that makes possible the high-speed broadband communications that are required for creating the next generation of wireless networks...

Nichia launches 280 nm Deep UV
Nichia launches a 280 nm Deep UV LED
06.20.2019 News

Nichia Corporation is proud to introduce a new Deep UV LED, Part Number NCSU334A...

Circuit breaker handles voltages 32V
Circuit breaker handles voltages to 32V
06.19.2019 Circuits

The simplicity of low-side current monitoring can mask the advantages of a high-side approach. You can monitor load currents in a power supply, a motor driver, or another power circuit on either the high or the low side...

ROM-Based GNSS Module STMicroelectronics Targets Mass-Market
ROM-Based GNSS Module from STMicroelectronics Targets Mass-Market Tracking and Navigation Applications
06.19.2019 News

STMicroelectronics has enlarged its GNSS product offering with the Teseo-LIV3R ROM-based module. The competitively-priced module provides ST’s full GNSS algorithm capability for cost-conscious tracking and navigation devices...

Current source has high output impedance
Current source has high output impedance
06.18.2019 Circuits

A reference current source needs high accuracy, low temperature drift, and high output impedance. Available IC current sources come with some of these features. However, at current levels greater than 1 mA, their output impedance decreases to less than 10 MΩ...

Voltage Level Translator Diodes Incorporated Provides
Voltage Level Translator from Diodes Incorporated Provides Direction-Free Flexibility for Networks and Servers
06.18.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced a new addition to its family of low voltage level translators, offering simple and autonomous bidirectional operation. The PI4GTL2002 is a 2-bit level shifter designed to translate signals conditioned for one voltage level...

USB Type-C Port Switch Diodes Incorporated
USB Type-C Port Switch from Diodes Incorporated Enables Latest Mobile Devices to Continue Supporting Legacy Data and Audio Signals
06.17.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the PI3A6386 USB Type-C multimedia port switch, designed to enable manufacturers to continue supporting legacy data and analog peripherals through USB Type-C ports...

Supply converts 5V -48V
Supply converts 5V to -48V
06.13.2019 Circuits

As the demand for networking equipment grows, the need arises for a –48 V supply that can power telecommunication lines. The circuit delivers 24 W at –48 V from a 5 V input...