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Zener diode MMICs produce true broadband
Zener diode and MMICs produce true broadband noise
10.12.2021 Circuits

A broadband source of white noise can be useful for measuring and testing communications equipment...

Pushbuttons digital potentiometer control boost converter
Pushbuttons and digital potentiometer control boost converter
10.11.2021 Circuits

Digitally controlled potentiometers are useful for generating analog control voltages under the control of a microcontroller. In some applications, manual pushbutton switches could replace a microcontroller and simplify product design...

10 analog design icons that vanished
10 analog design icons that vanished in the 21st century
10.07.2021 Articles

Analog semiconductor acquisitions are all the rage. After the golden age of analog design innovations spanning across the last three decades of the 20th century, an era of consolidation began with the turn of the 21st century...

Scheme cancels amplifier error
Scheme cancels amplifier error
10.04.2021 Circuits

The circuit, using a low-offset amplifier, is a basic ohmmeter circuit common in multimeters, except for the addition of the two diode-connected transistors. A current source supplies a selectable current...

Instrumentation amp works one supply
Instrumentation amp works from one supply
10.03.2021 Circuits

Many single-supply applications need precision amplifiers that can operate from 5 V or lower. Although many precision, single-supply op amps are currently available for configuring as 2- and 3-amplifier instrumentation amplifiers, these designs require great attention to detail...

Op amp can source or sink
Op amp can source or sink current
09.30.2021 Articles

When you design for electronics applications, such as sensor or amplifier bias supplies or special waveform generators, a controlled constant-current source or sink circuit can serve as a useful building block...

Why limit your power supply input
Why limit your power supply's input range?
09.29.2021 Circuits

Taking only a cursory look at the input-voltage ratings of your power-supply IC can limit the usable input-voltage range. With careful examination of an IC's operating specifications and circuit topology, you may be able to work around that input-voltage limitation...

An inexpensive precision power supply
An inexpensive, precision power supply
09.28.2021 Circuits

Do you sometimes need an inexpensive precision power supply? This Design Idea presents a precision power supply that has thermal overload protection and short circuit protection, and can supply 100 mA of current...

What is sensor linearity what does
What is sensor linearity and what does it mean?
09.27.2021 Articles

The more linear the sensor’s output, the easier it is to calibrate and to minimize uncertainty in output scaling...

Two op amps provide averaged absolute
Two op amps provide averaged absolute value
09.23.2021 Circuits

The circuit is useful when you need amplitude demodulation or an averaged absolute-value conversion. The circuit comprises two stages, the first of which is a differential-output absolute-value converter...