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Elmos Showed Dynamic Rear Lights CES
Elmos Showed Dynamic Rear Lights at the CES
02.04.2020 News

Elmos showed at the CES in Las Vegas dynamic rear lights in an Audi A8 rear light demonstrator. The demonstrator features the new Elmos IC E522.95. This multichannel LED controller for exterior lighting with advanced network interface capabilities allows direct control of LED lamps ...

Analog Devices Introduced Low IQ Boost
Analog Devices Introduced Low IQ Boost/SEPIC/Inverting Converter with 1.5A, 150V Switch
02.04.2020 News

Analog Devices has introduced the LT8365 current mode DC/DC converter with a 1.5 A, 150 V switch operating from a 2.8 V to 60 V input ...

Generate Noisy Sine Waves Sound Card
Generate Noisy Sine Waves with a Sound Card
02.03.2020 Circuits

Testing audio-noise-reduction circuits, PLLs (phase-locked loops), and audio-frequency filters may require a noisy sine wave, one that is summed with white noise. Using a typical computer sound card, free software, and an external amplifier circuit, you can create a noisy sine wave ...

Elmos Presents SPI Stepper Motor Driver
Elmos Presents SPI Stepper Motor Driver for Highest Demands on Running Smoothness and EMC Emission
02.03.2020 News

With the E523.39 Elmos presents a new high-precision stepper motor driver that meets the highest demands regarding smoothness, EMC emissions and error detection ...

New Vishay Intertechnology TMBS Rectifiers Low
New Vishay Intertechnology TMBS Rectifiers in Low Profile SMP Package Increase Power Density and Efficiency
01.31.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology expanded its offering of surface-mount TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers with 16 new 2 A and 3 A devices in the eSMP series low profile SMP (DO-220AA) package...

Miniature power supply Infineon starts first
Miniature power supply: Infineon starts first flip-chip production specifically designed for automotive applications
01.30.2020 News

Infineon Technologies is taking the next step towards smallest power supply devices for automotive electronics. As first chipmaker, the company set up a dedicated production process for flip-chip packages that is fully aligned with the high quality requirements of the automotive market...

Simple Circuit Turns PWM Into Digitally
Simple Circuit Turns PWM Into A Digitally Adjustable Precision Reference
01.29.2020 Circuits

The circuit uses the ubiquitous LM431 shunt regulator to implement a second-order Sallen-Key low pass filter together with a level shifte...

Teledyne e2v introduces industry first 1.3MP
Teledyne e2v introduces industry's first 1.3MP Time-of-Flight sensor
01.29.2020 News

Teledyne e2v announces its new Bora Time-of-Flight CMOS image sensor, tailored for 3D detection and distance measurement to support the latest industrial applications, including vision guided robotics, logistics and surveillance...

Posifa Technologies Introduces New Air Velocity
Posifa Technologies Introduces New Air Velocity Sensors With Digital I2C Output for Thermal Management and Filter Monitoring Applications
01.28.2020 News

Posifa Technologies announced the new PAV3000 series of economical, high-performance air velocity sensors with digital I2C output and a surface-mount footprint for thermal management and filter monitoring in even the most space-constrained locations...

Silanna Semiconductor Fully Qualifies Releases 33W
Silanna Semiconductor Fully Qualifies and Releases 33W and 65W Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controllers to Production
01.27.2020 News

Silanna Semiconductor announced that its SZ1101 and SZ1105 fully integrated active clamp flyback controllers for designing high-power-density AC/DC power adapters are now fully qualified and in production...