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Instrumentation amplifier extends DSO
Instrumentation amplifier extends DSO
04.05.2022 Circuits

To determine the specifications of a solar-generating plant, I needed to accurately measure the load current a product consumed...

Infineon Sleepiz enable high-precision sleep monitoring
Infineon and Sleepiz enable high-precision sleep monitoring at home based on radar technology
04.05.2022 News

Billions of people are facing sleep problems. According to scientific research, about one billion people alone suffer from sleep apnea, an interrupted breathing during the night. This is leading to various health consequences including snoring, daytime fatigue, along with more difficult issues such as heart problems and diabetes...

Shunt regulator serves as inexpensive op
Shunt regulator serves as inexpensive op amp in power supplies
04.04.2022 Articles

Developed as a three-terminal shunt regulator, the popular and multiple-sourced TL431 IC offers designers many intriguing possibilities beyond its intended application...

Simple circuit allows long PWM soft
Simple circuit allows long PWM soft starts
04.01.2022 Circuits

Available from multiple sources, the UC384x family of current-mode, PWM power-supply controllers offers good performance and has spawned a variety of similar ICs...

Isolated-FET pulse driver reduces size power
Isolated-FET pulse driver reduces size, power consumption
03.30.2022 Circuits

Three-phase controlled rectifiers and inverters, matrix cycloconverters, and cascaded power stages typically comprise large numbers of power transistors, each with its own driver circuit...

Comparator uses signal-dependent hysteresis
Comparator uses signal-dependent hysteresis
03.29.2022 Circuits

Sometimes, you need to distinguish between two voltages, using some hysteresis in the decision. When the levels of the compared signals vary over a wide range (for example, a few orders of magnitude), the hysteresis width should vary similarly...

Improved amplifier drives differential-input ADCs
Improved amplifier drives differential-input ADCs
03.28.2022 Articles

ADCs with differential inputs are becoming increasingly popular. This popularity isn't surprising, because differential inputs in the ADC offer several advantages: good common-mode noise rejection, a doubling of the available dynamic range...

Automotive Grade Resistor Saves Space Lowers
Automotive Grade Resistor Saves Space and Lowers Costs With Operating Voltages to 450 V, Tight Tolerance Down to ± 0.1 %, and Low TCR Down to ± 10 ppm/K
03.28.2022 News

Vishay Intertechnology announced that the company has extended its TNPV e3 series of Automotive Grade high voltage thin film flat chip resistors with a smaller 0805 case size. The Vishay Draloric TNPV0805 e3 is the industry’s first such device in the compact 0805 case size to combine high operating voltages...

Add one resistor give bipolar LM555
Add one resistor to give bipolar LM555 oscillator a 50:50 duty cycle
03.25.2022 Articles

More than a half-century old, the ubiquitous and mind-bogglingly useful 555 analog timer has become a perennial object for both kudus and criticism. Most of the former and some of the latter is justified, but sometimes a supposed shortcoming will grow to the status of “common knowledge”...

Single IC forms inexpensive inductance tester
Single IC forms inexpensive inductance tester
03.24.2022 Circuits

This Design Idea shows how to build a reliable, low-cost, and simple inductance tester. The basis for the tester is a Pierce buffered CMOS oscillator...