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Bridgelux Triples Vesta Series Family Tunable
Bridgelux Triples Vesta Series Family of Tunable White Products
04.18.2019 News

Bridgelux announced a dramatic expansion of the Vesta® Series family of tunable white and Dim-To-Warm products to help customers meet the increasing demands for environment-specific, personalized lighting...

Infineon manufactures industry first true 1000
Infineon manufactures industry's first true 1000 A voltage regulator solution for next generation AI and 5G networking
04.18.2019 News

Infineon Technologies extends its portfolio of high current system chipset solutions with the industry's first 16-phase digital PWM multiphase controller, the XDPE132G5C. The portfolio enables currents of 500 to 1000 A and higher for next generation CPUs, GPUs, FPGA and ASICs...

Dual-Channel 42 Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Silent
Dual-Channel, 42 V, 4 A Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 6.2 μA Quiescent Current
04.17.2019 Circuits

The LT8650S 42 V, dual-channel, 4 A synchronous Silent Switcher 2 regulator features a wide input voltage range of 3 V to 42 V, ideal for automotive, industrial, and other step-down applications. Its quiescent current is only 6.2 µA with the outputs in regulation...

Holtek New Release HT16D31x HT16D33x Small
Holtek New Release HT16D31x and HT16D33x Small Package High Pixel Count LED Drivers
04.17.2019 News

Holtek is delighted to announce the release of its two new small package types, multifunctional, constant current LED driver device series, the HT16D31x and HT16D33x...

High efficiency synchronous SEPIC automotive industrial
High efficiency synchronous SEPIC for automotive and industrial installations
04.16.2019 Circuits

The LT8711 is a DC/DC controller that supports synchronous buck, boost, SEPIC and ZETA topologies, or nonsynchronous buck-boost topologies. Analog Devices offers numerous synchronous buck and boost converters and regulators, but the synchronous SEPIC topology is somewhat rare...

Ricoh introduced 42 Voltage Regulator 2.2
Ricoh introduced 42 V Voltage Regulator with 2.2 µA Current Consumption and High Noise immunity
04.16.2019 News

The Ricoh’s R1525 is a 200 mA voltage regulator with special features such as a wide operating voltage range and ultra-low current consumption. The significant advantage of this product is that it has excellent EMC noise immunity...

What Difference Between DSO DPO
What's the Difference Between a DSO and DPO?
04.15.2019 Articles

A digital phosphor oscilloscope is also a digital storage oscilloscope, and the same can be true in reverse. So what exactly separates the two?...

Vishay Intertechnology WSBS Power Metal Strip
Vishay Intertechnology WSBS Power Metal Strip Shunt Resistors With NiCr Resistive Element and Unique Termination Design Increase Accuracy With Improved RTC Performance
04.15.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced the new WSBS8518…34 and WSBS8518…35 Power Metal Strip shunt resistors with a solid metal nickel-chrome alloy resistive element with a calibration notch and "boot" design on their terminals, which improves TCR performance...

Bourns Announces New AEC-Q101-Compliant TVS Diode
Bourns Announces New AEC-Q101-Compliant TVS Diode Products
04.11.2019 News

Bourns announced two new families of AEC-Q101-compliant TVS diode components. Designated Models SM8S-Q and SM8SF-Q, these families are comprised of both unidirectional and bidirectional TVS diodes...

26-Meter Long Flexible Printed Circuit Will
A 26-Meter Long Flexible Printed Circuit Will Span the Wings of a UAV
04.11.2019 News

Trackwise has supplied more than 50 circuits to a solar-powered, U.S.-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicle, but one is making quite a statement. According to the company, it has “shipped a 26-m long multilayer, flexible printed circuit...