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50V 5V 7A Synchronous Buck Step-down
50V to 5V/7A Synchronous Buck (Step-down) Converter
05.06.2020 Circuits

This module is a non-isolated 7 A DC-DC converter. The module can convert any DC voltage between 7 V to 50 V to a 5 V DC with load current up to 7 A...

New Posifa Technologies Liquid Flow Sensors
New Posifa Technologies Liquid Flow Sensors Offer High-Accuracy, Low-Maintenance Replacement for Mechanical Turbine Devices
05.06.2020 News

Posifa Technologies introduced its new PLF2000 series of liquid flow sensors. Designed to replace mechanical turbine flow sensors, the cost-effective devices deliver increased accuracy and reliability, even in unstable pulsatile flow and low-flow conditions...

What New Autodesk EAGLE. Part Eagle
What's New in Autodesk EAGLE. Part 2 - Eagle 9.4
05.05.2020 Articles

It’s like getting your new prototype boards back from MFG or passing DRC; we always anticipate a new release with bated breath! EAGLE 9.4 is now available delivering real design power and speed...

Combat Covin-19 JLCPCB will be here
Combat Covin-19, JLCPCB will be here with you!
05.05.2020 Articles

JLCPCB as a leading PCB Prototype company in China are attracting increasing people around the world to be our customer and at the same time, we also get much support from them to be the Better JLCPCB...

Analog Devices Launches 100V Half Bridge
Analog Devices Launches 100V Half Bridge Driver with Floating Grounds and Programmable Dead-Time
05.05.2020 News

Analog Devices has released a new gate driver with floating grounds. The LTC7060 drives N-Channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration with supply voltages up to 100 V...

New DC DC Converters Offer 50
New DC/DC Converters Offer 50 Percent Smaller Footprint
05.04.2020 News

Murata unveiled the MYWGC series from the MonoBK DC/DC converter family. The new point-of-load modules offer a 50-percent smaller footprint than competing solutions and set new standards in size, efficiency and performance...

What New Autodesk EAGLE. Part Eagle
What's New in Autodesk EAGLE. Part 1 - Eagle 9.3
05.01.2020 Articles

Autodesk is constantly improving its software products. Eagle CAD software was no exception. In this article, we will consider the main innovations and improvements in the latest versions, starting with 9.3...

Ultra-tiny MOSFETs Nexperia are 36 smaller
Ultra-tiny MOSFETs from Nexperia are 36% smaller with lowest RDS(on)
05.01.2020 News

Nexperia has launched a range of MOSFETs in the ultra-small DFN0606 package for mobile and portable applications including wearables...

First millimeter-scale wireless transceiver electronic pills
First millimeter-scale wireless transceiver for electronic pills
04.30.2020 News

Imec presents the first mm-scale wireless transceiver for smart insertable pills. It is a first breakthrough in imec’s aspiration to realize autonomous ingestible sensors that can measure health parameters such as gut health and transmit in real time the data outside the body...

DIY Ultra Sensitive EMF Detector
DIY Ultra Sensitive EMF Detector
04.29.2020 Circuits

This is a simple device capable of detecting very weak electromagnetic fields. The relative field intensity is displayed on the LCD display and at the same time are given a buzzer sound signalization and LED light signalization...

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