Atmel Launches AVR Xplained Kits to Accelerate System Development Times for MCU Applications

Atmel AVR Xplained

Expands Evaluation Kit and Add-on Board Selection for Xplained Platform; Offers Developers Ability to Fully Test AVR MCUs and Development Tools Prior to Building out Hardware

Atmel Corporation, a leader in microcontroller and touch solutions, today announced it is expanding the Atmel AVR Xplained evaluation kits to support applications in the industrial, consumer, automotive and computing markets.

Atmel AVR Xplained

Atmel AVR Xplained is a series small-sized and easy-to-use evaluation kits for 8- and 32-bit AVR microcontrollers. It consists of a series of low cost MCU boards for evaluation and demonstration of feature and capabilities of different AVR families.

Supporting all Atmel AVR devices including the megaAVR, AVR XMEGA and AVR UC3 families, the new Xplained kits create a great platform for developers to easily evaluate Atmel AVR devices early in the design cycle. A range of extension boards are also being released as accessory devices to offer customers the ability to easily evaluate a combination of microcontroller (MCU) and accessory devices before making big investments. The extension boards include the Sensors Xplained series, CryptoAuthentication Xplained and Temperature Sensors Xplained. The sensor Xplained series features partnerships with best-in-class suppliers of accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and pressure sensors with supporting driver software to enable a seamless implementation.

Atmel: XMEGA-A1 Xplained

The new Atmel Xplained kits allow customers to quickly evaluate a wide range of Atmel's MCUs and development tools and solutions. The kits offer the customers a hardware platform to easily benchmark Atmel AVR microcontrollers and other Atmel devices without having to build their own hardware, which can significantly reduce customer time-to-market.

"Atmel is committed to providing our customers with complete microcontroller solutions," said Ingar Fredriksen, sr. director, AVR product marketing, Atmel Corporation. "The launch of the new AVR Xplained kits is another step towards providing a complete microcontroller toolchain to our customers and the application specific add-on boards greatly simplify system integration of these optimized peripheral devices. The Xplained MCU kits and add-on boards seamlessly connect to the development environment in AVR Studio with software libraries and a wide range of code examples."

The AVR Xplained kits feature the respective Atmel microcontroller with a rich selection of external circuitry including Atmel QTouch® slider and buttons, LEDS, analog light and temperature sensors, USB port and four expansion headers. These features provide easy access to analog and digital I/O and accommodate the various add-on boards.

AVR Xplained and Sensors Xplained Lineup:

AVR Xplained Evaluation Kits
The XMEGA-A1 Xplained kit is a MCU board for AVR XMEGA.
It features an ATxmega128A1 and additional components
demonstrating the features of the device.
The MEGA1284P-Xplained kit is a MCU board for megaAVR.
It features an ATmega1284P and additional components
demonstrating the features of the device.
Atmel: AT32UC3L0-XPLD
The UC3-L0 Xplained kit is a MCU board for AVR UC3L.
It features the picoPower AT32UC3L064 and additional components
demonstrating the features of the device.
Atmel: AT32UC3A3-XPLD
The UC3-A3 Xplained kit is a MCU board for AVR UC3A.
It features an AT32UC3A3256 with Hi-Speed USB and additional components
demonstrating the features of the device.
Sensors Xplained 
The Atmel Inertial One Sensor Board delivers a full 9 degrees of freedom
sensor platform comprising a 3 axis magnetometer from AKM (AK8975);
a 3 axis accelerometer from Bosch (BMA150)
and a 3 axis gyroscope from InvenSense (ITG-3200).
The Atmel Pressure One Sensor Board delivers a platform comprising of
a high precision barometric pressure sensor from Bosch (BMP085).
The Atmel Inertial Two Sensor Board delivers a full 9 degrees of freedom
sensor platform, combining an accelerometer from Kionix (KXTF9),
a magnetometer from Honeywell (HMC5883L)
and a gyroscope from InvenSense (IMU-3000).

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