Microchip's 3-Phase BLDC Fan Motor Driver is Industry's First With Resistor-Programmable, Sensorless Sinusoidal Architecture

Microchip MTD6505

Fully Integrated, Single-Chip, Low-Cost Device Comes in Ultra-Thin, 3x3 mm UDFN Package; Quietly and Efficiently Drives Fans in Portable-Computing Applications

Microchip Technology Inc. expanded its sinusoidal, sensorless, 3-phase BLDC fan motor driver portfolio with the MTD6505 — the industry’s first and only standalone, resistor-programmable driver that enables the selection of multiple back-EMF coefficient ranges. This unique feature allows engineers to design for a wide variety of 3-phase BLDC fan characteristics with a single device, thus saving time and money by standardizing multiple product lines on one driver and very few external components. Additionally, the low-cost driver comes in a 3x3 mm UDFN package with a 0.5 mm thickness for space-constrained applications, such as thin laptops and tiny BLDC fans.

Microchip - MTD6505

To enable high energy efficiency and quiet operation with low acoustic noise and mechanical vibration, the MTD6505 includes a 180-degree sinusoidal drive. Being a sensorless driver means that the MTD6505 eliminates the need for an external Hall-Effect sensor, reducing both cost and board space. Additionally, the driver provides a number of on-chip protection features to preserve the motor’s life and avoid harmful operating conditions, including thermal shutdown, over-current limiting and lock-up protection.

MTD6505 Application Circuit Diagram

MTD6505 Application Circuit Diagram

Development Support

Microchip also announced the MTD6505 3-Phase BLDC Sensorless Fan Controller Demonstration Board (part # ADM00345), which is expected to be available in January for $59.99 at. This demo board comes with a 3-phase BLDC fan and three MTD6505 plug-in modules. Additionally, a free GUI is available for download that simplifies fan monitoring and control with the onboard PIC® microcontroller.

Microchip - ADM00345

Pricing & Availability

The MTD6505 motor driver is available today for samples in a 10-pin UDFN package. 5,000-unit pricing is $0.57 each. Volume production is expected to be available on December 21.


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