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TLE492xC and TLE4957xC - Speed Measurement in Industrial Applications

Infineon » TLE492xC, TLE4957x

Infineon's sensors in the TLE492xC and TLE4957x families detect the motion and position of ferromagnetic and permanent magnet structures by measuring the differential flux density of a magnetic field. All sensors feature a self-calibration mode for optimum accuracy. After start-up, only a few transitions are required before self-calibration has been completed and a high degree of operational accuracy has been achieved. These sensors thus combine fast power-up with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Infineon  - TLE492xC, TLE4957x

TLE492xC and TLE4957xC sensors switch at either zero magnetic field crossing or at a viable hysteresis (adaptive or non-adaptive). Customers can also choose different watchdog settings. A broad temperature range, high ESD robustness and large EMC resistance make TLE492xC and TLE4957xC products the perfect fit for harsh automotive environments. A wide range of features and varying hysteresis concepts mean they are also ideal for Hall-based speed sensing in a wide variety of industrial applications. The sensors come in the proven PG-SSO package with three leads and two integrated capacitors.

The TLE4957xC family is derived from the TLE492x family and offers extra immunity against magnetic noise from mechanical vibrations and external magnetic sources.
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  • High sensitivity
  • Single-chip solution
  • Symmetrical thresholds
  • High resistance to Piezo effects
  • Advanced performance thanks to dynamic self-calibrating principle
  • 1Hz low cut-off frequency
  • Digital output signal
  • Two-wire and three-wire configuration possible
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Fast start-up times
  • Large operating air gaps
  • Reverse voltage protection at Vs-PIN
  • Short-circuit and overtemperature protection of output
  • No external filter capacitor required
  • Module style package with two integrated capacitors:
    • 4.7nF between Q and GND
    • 47nF between Vs and GND: required for micro-cuts in power supply


  • Speed sensing (crankshafts for example)
  • Transmission speed
  • Speedometer

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