New tool chains for ARM Cortex-M3 & M4 from mikroElektronika

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MikroElektronika has announced its brand new tool chains for ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers: mikroC, -Pascal & -Basic Pro for ARM. After months of hard work, we end this fantastic year with another great set of products. Exactly as scheduled the new ARM compilers have arrived!

Initially, we supported ARM Cortex-M3 familly, and we added support for 171 Texas Instruments Stellaris microcontrollers. Other families and manufacturers are to be introduced with each new release.

New tool chains for ARM Cortex-M3 & M4 from mikroElektronika

We have included over 50 libraries in the release, which will boost your efficiency cutting your development time and providing reliable, fast and easy to use solutions. Each library is well documented in the comprehensive Help file, which explains in detail each library function, and provides examples of usage. We especially took care of complicated initialization of GPIO pins, and provided GPIO library that handles it all in an ellegant and easy way. You will love it!

IDE has the same look and feel as in other mikroElektronika compilers. Advanced editor with many convenient assistant tools, including Code Assistant, Interrupt Assistant and Parameter Assistant. Library manager and Project Explorer are here to enable you to easily include libraries and search for examples. Edit Proejct window helps you to set your oscillator in a simple and easy way, and over 10 additional tools will assist you in your work. It is important to feel comfortable and enjoy your time spent in the compiler.

From the very beginning, compilers support hardware debugging. New EasyMx PRO v7 and upcoming mikroProg for Stellaris are supported natively. All the convenience of fast debugging is available in all three programming languages: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal.

We invite you to visit the compilers webpages, download the fully functional Demo versions and test the functionality of the initial releases. We hope you will love your new mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal as much as we do.

The best thing is always last. Prices of the compilers start at $199 if you purchase one of our Stellaris ARM development boards, and we provide FREE support and FREE upgrades, as for all of our software.

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