Central Semiconductor introduces the CBRLD1 series high voltage bridge rectifiers in low profile LPDIP package

Central Semiconductor CBRLD1

Central Semiconductor introduces the CBRLD1 series of 1.0 amp, high voltage bridge rectifiers. These devices are ideally suited for applications where high voltage capability, high power density, and low package profile are critical design elements. This device family includes the CBRLD1-02 (200V), CBRLD1-04 (400V), CBRLD1-06 (600V), CBRLD1-08 (800V), and CBRLD1-10 (1000V) devices, all with a low leakage current of 10uA at VRRM.

Central Semiconductor - CBRLD1

The LPDIP package has a 41% lower profile than the SMDIP case, and utilizes 61% less board space. Applications for these devices include input rectification for solid state lighting, steering diode array, and general purpose full-wave rectification. Overall, Central’s CBRLD1 series offers big device performance in a small, low profile package.

Pricing for these devices with 4,000 pieces on tape and reel starts at:

US$0.16 each for CBRLD1-02
US$0.16 each for CBRLD1-04
US$0.18 each for CBRLD1-06
US$0.22 each for CBRLD1-08
US$0.24 each for CBRLD1-10

Sample devices are available upon request.


JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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