Mini-Circuits releas coaxial 4 way 0° resistive power splitter/combiner

Mini-Circuits ZFRSC-4-842+

Mini-Circuits ZFRSC-4-842+  4 way 0° resistive power splitter/combiner expands frequency coverage to support even more applications and meet your needs.

Mini-Circuits ZFRSC-4-842+

This new model provides:

  • Very wide frequency range, DC to 8400 MHz
  • Low VSWR, 1.15:1 typ.
  • Low amplitude unbalance, 0.3 dB typ.
  • Low phase unbalance, 3.5° typ.
  • 0.16 W power handling (as a splitter)
  • Compact size, 1.25 × 1.25 × 0.75
  • Rugged, shielded aluminum alloy construction
  • Optional mounting bracket

This splitter/combiner offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for many connectorized applications including laboratory and test setups.

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