CSR dual mode Bluetooth® platforms enable faster development of low power, next-gen wireless gaming controllers


CSR announces the launch of a new series of dual mode Bluetooth® 4.1 compliant platforms, designed to give greater flexibility to developers looking to create low latency and ultra low-power wireless gaming controllers. The CSRB534 and CSRB5342, part of the CSR BlueCore® range, will provide developers with turnkey solutions for wireless gaming controllers and HID applications from a single device.


Dual mode Bluetooth 4.1 design for optimized power consumption

The first of the new series, the CSRB5341 and CSRB5342, gaming system-on-chips are Bluetooth Smart v4.1 qualified, allowing developers to create next generation gaming accessories with optimal battery life. The new CSR platforms make use of a highly efficient baseband, ensuring that system level power consumption is minimized, giving optimized performance with minimum development effort.

Peripheral rich with large memory for more customer applications

The new gaming controller platforms come with an extensive list of fully configurable digital or analogue I/O and physical interfaces for design flexibility including direct LED drive. The CSRB5342 offers further standalone features such as embedded USB battery charging for lithium cells and digital microphone support. With embedded ROM, RAM and the option for memory expansion with the SQI Flash memory interface the new platforms provide greater flexibility and an environment intended for more innovative and feature rich designs.

Cost effective and fast development

By offering dual mode Bluetooth capability, integrating the microcontroller, battery charging capability and much of the analogue and power management there is a significant bill of materials (BOM) saving over traditional wireless gaming controller system designs, making the platforms extremely cost effective. In order to help developers bring new products to market quickly, the new CSRB534x series launches with a dedicated software development kit (SDK) and development board for fast evaluation and system development. The CSRB534x SDK will allow developers to get hands-on with the new platform and accelerate the development of new low power connected gaming controller products. The SDK supports SPP and GATT and enables flexible data transfer including HID over GATT.


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