High Accuracy Current Sensing, Ultra-low RDSON Load Switch Rich with Programmable Features

Silego SLG6M6001V

Silego Technology’s 2.0 × 3.0 mm CurrentPAKTM SLG6M6001V enables high accuracy current measurement in a highly configurable 10 A, 3.8 mΩ RDSON Load Switch

Silego Technology introduces CurrentPAK, a new family of configurable mixed-signal IC, or CMIC. A high performance load switch including efficient, high accuracy current measurement, CurrentPAK is also the world’s first load switch to have advanced programmable features. Using Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), designers can control several aspects of the device including enable logic, slew rate, current limiting, over-temperature protection, and integrated discharge rate.

China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

Silego - SLG6M6001V

“The ability to measure instantaneous power consumption is a given in today’s high performance computation and telecommunications equipment,” said John McDonald, VP of Marketing. McDonald continued, “The designers of these systems need to provide a mechanism to report current consumption for intelligent power and thermal management. Typically, designers will use an external sense resistor to measure current consumption. This has the unfortunate side effect of significantly decreasing system power efficiency. Using CurrentPAK in this same application, the current sense resistor and other external components are eliminated, thereby reducing cost and making CurrentPAK the highest efficiency solution in its class.”

The first device in the CurrentPAK family, the SLG6M6001V, has a world leading current rating of 10 Amps continuous, an ultra-low RDSON value (3.8 mΩ), and is offered in a 2.0 × 3.0 mm, fully encapsulated, plastic package.

Silego - CurrentPAK

Target Applications:

  • Commercial and Industrial Electronics:
    • Servers
    • Embedded PCs
    • Data Communications Equipment
    • Printers
  • Consumer Electronics:
    • Portable: Tablets, Notebooks
    • PCs and PC peripherals
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