THAT Corporation Introduces Low-Noise Differential Audio Preamplifier IC


THAT1580 improves price-performance ratio for differential microphone preamplifier applications

THAT Corporation announced the availability of the THAT1580 – a high performance current-feedback amplifier using THAT’s “deconstructed” approach that yields lower noise and distortion with higher slew rate while reducing cost. The 1580 is an optimal solution for analog and digitally controlled microphone preamplifiers, differential summing amplifiers, and even line-level input stages. It has application to audio, sonar, and instrumentation.


Key features of the 1580 include:

  • Very Low Noise: 134.8 dBu (1.0 nV/√Hz) EIN@60 dB gain
  • Ultra Low THD+N
    • 0.0003% 3-30 dB gain
    • 0.0005% @ 40 dB gain
  • Low Current: 7.9 mA typ
  • Wide Bandwidth: 2.7 MHz @40 dB gain
  • Very High Slew Rate: 53 V/μs
  • Wide Output Signal Swing: +29.8 dBu (±18 V supplies)
  • Maximum Differential Input Level: +26 dBu (±15 V supplies)
  • Gain adjustable by external resistors from 0 to >60 dB
  • Differential output
  • Small 4 × 4 mm QFN16 package
  • Operates from as little as ±5 V up through ±18 V supplies

Unlike traditional mic preamps (e.g., THAT 1510 and 1512), the 1580’s gain is determined by three external resistors instead of only one. This makes it possible to optimize noise and bandwidth over a wide range of gains, as well as optimize the taper of gain vs. rotation in variable-gain, pot-controlled applications. For digital control applications, the 1580 mates perfectly with THAT's 5XXX series of Digital Preamplifier-Controller ICs to produce an optimized, digitally controlled preamplifier.

The 1580's differential output simplifies connections to differential input devices such as A/D converters. When required, designers are free to optimize the output differential amplifier to suit the specific application.

The 1580 is available immediately from THAT Corporation and its authorized distributors. Pricing starts at $2.53 at 1k pieces.

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