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Super Barrier Rectifier from Diodes Incorporated Optimized for Solid-State Retrofit MR16 LED Lamps

Diodes » SBRT3M40P1

Diodes Incorporated introduced the SBRT3M40P1. This Trench Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR®) has been optimized to deliver a low forward-voltage drop in a small form factor while maintaining low reverse-current leakage. This capability addresses requirements for input bridge rectifiers in solid-state lighting (SSL) applications focused on 12 V AC LED retrofit lamps, which provide a more efficient and longer life alternative to popular MR16 halogen bulbs.

Diodes - SBRT3M40P1

Operating at +125 °C, this 40 V rated Trench SBR, has a low reverse-current leakage of only 1.2 mA at 12 V blocking, which provides immunity to thermal runaway under the high ambient temperature environment of an MR16 retrofit. Furthermore, it maximizes the 1 A bridge rectifier efficiency and power density with only a 0.29 V forward-voltage drop in a compact PowerDI®123 footprint of 6.75 mm2.

To minimize forward loss, the SBRT3U40P1 is an alternative device that provides a lower forward-voltage drop of 0.25 V at the expense of an increase in the reverse-current leakage to 4 mA. Options for different forward loss and reverse leakage enable the rectification circuit to be optimized depending on the waveform’s duty cycle requirements and operating temperature.

A 40 V blocking capability normally provides sufficient headroom for a 12 V AC input supply. However, if the line regulation is poor then the SBRT3M60P1 and SBRT3U60P1, with their 60 V blocking capability, give extra headroom at the expense of their slightly higher forward-voltage drop of 0.34 V and 0.28 V, respectively.

While a conventional SMA package option is available, the PowerDI123 package offers a smaller footprint (6.75 mm2 compared to 16 mm2) and lower height profile (<1 mm compared to 2 mm) for space-critical applications like the target MR16 retrofit bulb market.

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