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Arduino-compatible LoRaWAN dev board promises cheap IoT start

Nordic Automation » Badgerboard

Julien Happich

EETimes Europe

Norwegian sensor technology company Nordic Automation Systems is releasing its first Arduino compatible LoRaWAN development board, dubbed Badgerboard, which the company claims can be easily extended to a prototype or even a small batch product.

Nordic Automation - Badgerboard

Nordic Automation Systems has been building prototypes on Badgerboard for the last six months, and is now launching the development kit on Kickstarter for early adopters to test different LoRaWAN applications without the need to buy expensive ready-to-use products. The development board has a battery charger and an antenna connector on board.

Nordic Automation - Badgerboard

The company says it chose LoRaWAN (a protocol running on top of the LoRa radio) after extensive testing of many protocols and radios readily available on the market. Depending on the conditions of the surrounding environment the radio waves can reach from 1 km to 3 km in the urban area up to 10+ km in the rural areas. This can be done while powering the board with a small coin-sized battery.

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