Automotive-Compliant Dual MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated Minimize Power Losses to Deliver Cost-Effective High Efficiency Solutions


Diodes Incorporated introduced the DMNH4015SSDQ and DMTH6016LSDQ. Featuring low figure-of-merit on-resistance and gate charge specifications, these latest 40 V and 60 V dual, co-packaged enhancement mode MOSFETs minimize power losses, enabling cost-effective, high-efficiency, automotive-compliant power management solutions. Targeted at synchronous rectification applications in automotive instrumentation clusters, head-up displays, and infotainment, navigation and driver assistance systems, the DMNH4015SSDQ and DMTH6016LSDQ are qualified to AEC-Q101 Rev-D standard for high reliability and supported by a PPAP (production part approval process).

China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

Diodes - DMNH4015SSDQ, DMTH6016LSDQ

When coupled with a PWM control IC, these dual MOSFETs are capable of creating highly efficient and cost-effective DC-DC converters. For example, when switched at 400 kHz, the 60 V DMTH6016LSD delivers a 5 V output at a load current of 2 A, while achieving an efficiency of 95%. Similarly, the 40 V DMNH4015SSDQ delivers 5 V at 2 A with an efficiency of 91%.

Both devices are 100% avalanche rated to withstand the high pulse energy that can result from inductive loads, and are specified with a maximum junction temperature of +175 °C for operation in high ambient-temperature environments.

The DMNH4015SSDQ and DMTH6016LSDQ are supplied in the standard, space-saving SO-8 package.

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