Texas Instruments Introduces New Low Temperature Drift, High Accuracy Voltage Reference Family With High Output Current

Texas Instruments REF50xx

Texas Instruments introduced a 3 ppm/C (max) temperature drift, high accuracy, low cost, CMOS voltage reference family with high output current. The REF50xx features accuracy and system performance levels previously found only in costly buried zener technologies. Although designed for next-generation industrial process control, the REF50xx is also a good fit for a wide range of applications including medical instrumentation, precision data acquisition and test and measurement.


The REF50xx has high output current of +/-10 mA that provides accurate voltage reference to the ADC without an additional op amp buffer. High accuracy (0.05 percent max) and low output voltage noise (7.5 uVpp for 2.5 V output) enable peak performance of the ADC in high-resolution applications. The low temperature drift minimizes system error over temperature.

With a wide supply range of VOUT + 0.2 V to 18 V, the REF50xx delivers top system performance. The REF50xx family offers six output voltages: 2.048 V (REF5020), 2.5 V (REF5025), 3.0V (REF5030), 4.096 V (REF5040), 4.5 V (REF5045) and 5 V (REF5050).

The devices feature standardized pinouts that include a TRIM pin for +/-15 mV output voltage adjust and a TEMP pin for temperature monitoring. All models in this family are specified for the wide industrial temperature range of -40 C to 125 C.

Available Today

The REF50xx family of voltage references is available now in both standard- and high-grade versions in SO-8 packages from TI and its authorized distributors. MSOP-8 packages will be offered in 3Q 2007. The standard grade devices are priced from $1.85 and the high-grade devices are priced from $3.50 in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing).

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