Teledyne Relays Introduces Two Families of Slim Solid-State Relays


Teledyne Relays introduced slim solid-state relays for printed circuit boards, the Series SAS and Series SDS, for industrial applications requiring compact size and low cost.

Teledyne Relay SAS

The Series SAS and Series SDS Slim SIP relays save space on printed circuit boards and offer reliable AC or DC switching, according to Antonio Gallegos, product marketing engineer.

Both relays measure 1.10 x 0.59 x 0.20 inches (28 x 15 x 5 mm), excluding pins, and weigh 0.28 ounces (8g).

The Series SAS relays, designed for AC applications, offer a 280 V ac 2A output. They feature an integrated snubber and high surge handling capability, up to 30 times nominal current. The three models cover a control range of 3 to 32 Vdc.

The Series SDS, designed for DC applications, offers a 28 Vdc 4 A output and a 60 V dc 2.5 A output. Several control ranges are available from 3 to 32 V dc. The relays feature an integrated voltage clamp and high surge handling capability.

The Series SAS and Series SDS low-cost plastic relays are ideal for medium-power AC/DC loads in automated test equipment, industrial controls, medical devices and similar applications.

Teledyne, through its Voice of the Customer program, continually interviews major customers and innovative new customers to determine their next-generation switching requirements as well as their recommendations for improving current products

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