National Semiconductor Introduces Single CMOS Input, RRIO, Wide Supply Range Operational Amplifiers

National Semiconductor LMV841 LMV844

The LMV841 and LMV844 are low-voltage and low-power operational amplifiers that operate with supply voltages ranging from 2.7V to 12V and have rail-to-rail input and output capability.

LMV841 LMV844

The LMV841 and LMV844 are low offset voltage and low supply current amplifiers with MOS inputs, characteristics that make the LMV841/LMV844 ideal for sensor interface and battery powered applications.

The LMV841 is offered in the space saving 5-pin SC70 package and the quad LMV844 comes in the 14-Pin TSSOP package. These small packages are solutions for area constrained PC boards and portable electronics.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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