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Zetex Introduces New High Voltage High-side Current Monitor

Zetex » ZXCT1081

The ZXCT1081 is a high side current sense monitor with a gain of 10 and a voltage output. Using this device eliminates the need to disrupt the ground plane when sensing a load current. The wide input voltage range of 40 V down to as low as 3 V make it suitable for a range of applications; including systems operating from industrial 24-28 V rails and power supply adapters. The separate supply pin allows the device to continue functioning under short circuit conditions, giving an end stop voltage at the output.


  • 3 V to 40 V continuous high-side voltage
  • Accurate high-side current sensing
  • Output voltage scaling x10
  • 4.5 to 12 V supply range
  • Low quiescent current:
    • 80 µA supply pin
    • 30 µA SENSE
  • SOT23-5 package
  • -40°C to +125°C ambient temperature range

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