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Programmable Color Sequence RGB LED Driver for IoT applications

ISSI » IS31FL3194

Self-running with RGB patterns saves power with no processor interaction

Integrated Silicon Solution (ISSI) introduced the IS31FL3194, the latest addition to the innovative line of FxLED RGB drivers. The IS31FL3194 is a fully programmable 3 channel LED driver supporting a wide range of color rendering capabilities for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

ISSI - IS31FL3194

The IS31FL3194 can be programmed through a 400 kHz I2C bus to perform LED light timing sequences and color patterns with gamma correction. Each of the 3 LED channels can be independently adjusted to 8-bit current levels (40 mA max), 8-bit PWM (RGB color mixing), gamma correction, and timing sequences. This wide range of programmable sequences will continue operating even when the system microcontroller is in standby mode thereby conserving system power.

The IS31FL3194 is available in a tiny 1 mm × 1.6 mm WCSP-8 package, making it one of the smallest and most highly programmable LED driver solutions in the market today. The flexible programmability enables one to configure the RGB LEDs to operate either as one RGB group or RG+W group or 3 single color LED in a pre-established pattern. In addition a low 150 mV dropout voltage at 20 mA, 0.8 mA quiescent current and a 1 µA shutdown current makes this an ideal solution for low-power battery applications.

The IS31FL3194 LED Driver can generate pre-programmed colors with patterns that can be used as signals to gain attention or to provide notification or status in wearables, portable medical devices, smart home, smart retail and other emerging IoT applications.

Packaging and Pricing

The IS31FL3194 is available in a small 1.0 mm × 1.6 mm × 0.4 mm WCSP-8 package and is rated for operation over the –40 °C to +85 °C temperature range. Pricing for these devices is $0.33 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. Samples and volume production quantities can be ordered today, through ISSI’s global sales team and worldwide distribution partners.

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