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Maxim Introduces New High-Voltage, Three-Channel Linear High-Brightness LED Drivers

Maxim » MAX16824, MAX16825

The MAX16824/MAX16825 three-channel LED drivers operate over a 6.5V to 28V input voltage range. These devices provide three open-drain constant-current-sinking outputs that are rated to 36V and deliver up to 150mA of current to each string of high-brightness LEDs (HB LEDs). The current at each output is programmable by means of an external current-sense resistor. The MAX16824 features three PWM inputs that control the duty cycle of the output current, allowing a wide LED dimming range to be implemented. The PWM inputs also function as on/off control for each corresponding output. The MAX16825 offers a 2Mbps, 4-wire serial interface, a 3-bit shift register, and a 3-bit transparent latch. The serial interface allows a microcontroller to configure the output channels using four inputs (DIN, CLK, LE, active-low OE) and a data output (DOUT). DOUT allows multiple drivers to be cascaded and operated together.

The MAX16824/MAX16825's on-board pass elements minimize the need for external components, while at the same time, providing ±5% LED current accuracy. Additional features include a +5V (±5%) regulated output with 4mA output current capability and thermal protection.

The MAX16824/MAX16825 are available in a thermally enhanced 16-pin TSSOP-EP package and specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

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