BCR430U improves efficiency for LED strips with an ultra-low voltage drop linear LED driver IC

Infineon BCR430U

Infineon Technologies releases BCR430U, a constant current linear LED driver IC. The BCR430U provides industry-leading drop performance for regulating LED current in standalone operation. No external power transistor is needed. Typical applications for the BCR430U include LED strips, architectural LED lighting, LED displays as well as retail, appliance and emergency lighting.

Infineon - BCR430U

The voltage drop at the integrated driver IC can go down to 135 mV at 50 mA. This improves overall efficiency and provides the voltage headroom required to compensate for LED forward voltage tolerances and variances in the supply voltage. Thus, more flexibility in the lighting design is possible. With the BRC430U, additional LEDs can be added to lighting designs without changing the supply voltage.

Typical application diagram 24 V LED driver
Typical application diagram 24 V LED driver.

The LED driver current ranges between 5 mA and 100 mA, and can be easily adjusted via high ohmic resistor on a dedicated pin. The supply voltage ranges between 6 V and 42 V. For safe and reliable operation and to extend the LED lifetime, a smart over-temperature controlling circuit reduces the LED current when the junction temperature is very high.

LED current versus voltage drop (VS = 24 V, RSET = 6.2 kΩ)
LED current versus voltage drop (VS = 24 V, RSET = 6.2 kΩ).


The BCR430U is available now in a SOT-23-6 package.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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