Broadcom Delivers Industry's Widest Service Provider Switching Portfolio

Broadcom BCM88476 BCM88470 BCM88270

Broadcom announced two new product families in the StrataDNX™ line of switch system-on-chip (SoC) devices. Building on the industry’s most pervasive silicon platform for service provider networking, the new products extend StrataDNX technology to new high volume markets and customers closer to the edge of the carrier network.

Broadcom BCM88476, BCM88470, BCM88270

Announced today are the BCM88470 and BCM88270 product families, devices ranging from 30Gbps to 300Gbps which complement the industry leading StrataDNX switching product line. Offering consistent capabilities and a similar programming model to the flagship devices, the new products enable customer investment leverage and end-to-end product coverage from carrier-edge to carrier-core. Taken together, the StrataDNX product family now offers full-suite service-provider solutions including:

  • Customer premises router / Network Interface Device (NID)
  • Passive Optical Networking (PON)
  • IP DSL Access Multiplexer (IP-DSLAM)
  • Broadband Aggregation
  • Packet Transport Node (PTN) and IP Remote Access Node (IPRAN)
  • Carrier Ethernet Switching (CES) and Switch-Routing (CESR)
  • Optical Transport Node (OTN) – both centralized and distributed

The new Broadcom StrataDNX products are among the industry’s most highly integrated devices. Each device provides high performance carrier-grade packet processing, an integrated hierarchical traffic manager, external packet buffers with enhanced buffer management and advanced packet processing with expandable tables. Select members of the product family also provide path for expansion capabilities, with the industry leading StrataDNX switch fabric interface, and external table lookup expansion for Broadcom Knowledge Based Processors (KBP).This unique combination enables equipment makers to deliver network equipment with a higher port density, lower power consumption and greater subscriber scale in a smaller physical system size.

The newly announced StrataDNX switch family includes the following device options:

  • BCM88476 - A 300 Gbps packet processor and traffic manager including StrataDNX fabric interfaces compatible with BCM88750 and BCM88770 Fabric Elements, plus external packet buffer and table expansion. (“Kalia”)
  • BCM88470 - A single-chip packet processor and traffic manager delivering 160 to 300 Gbps of Ethernet capacity with external packet buffer and table expansion. (“Qumran-AX”)
  • BCM88270 - A small footprint single-chip packet processor and traffic manager delivering 30 to 120 Gbps of Ethernet capacity with external packet buffer expansion. (“Qumran-uX”)

The Kalia, Qumran-AX & Qumran-UX families of products are complementary to Broadcom's high-capacity StrataDNX Jericho and Qumran-MX SoCs. Together they provide the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of switching solutions across the carrier, data center, and enterprise markets.

StrataDNX products provide a complete solution for carrier networks and have been adopted by top tier equipment makers worldwide. Broadcom's StrataDNX line delivers a complete set of advanced features for the most demanding carrier, campus and cloud environments.

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