Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces the Newest Generation 25V Technology in XSPairFET Package

Alpha & Omega AONX38168

Optimal power efficiency using the latest technology sets a new industry standard for high power density applications

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the AONX38168, which utilizes the latest 25 V N-Channel MOSFET Technology. The XSPairFET includes the low-side and high-side MOSFET in a leadless surface mount package, (5 mm × 6 mm outline) ideal for synchronous DC/DC converter applications.

Alpha & Omega - AONX38168

The AONX38168 is designed with the latest bottom source packaging technology which has a lower switch node ringing due to lower parasitic inductance. The new device offers a higher power density comparative to existing solutions, and is well suited for server and telecommunication markets. The AONX38168 is the newest generation of XSPairFETs, offering the lowest on-state resistance and best Figure of Merits (RDS(ON) × QG). The XSPairFET has bottom source connection for the low-side MOSFET which can result in improved thermal performance, simplified layout, and reduced EMI.

Transistors connection to package terminals
Transistors connection to package terminals.

Pricing and Availability

The AONX38168 is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $1.7.

Part Number Package VDS
RDS(ON) (mΩ max)
at VGS =
10 V 4.5 V
AONX38168 DFN 5×6 High Side (Q1) 25 12 3.3 5 1150 460 40
Low Side (Q2) 25 12 0.8 1.05 4520 1270 170

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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