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International Rectifier Introduces New Bridge Rectifiers for Office and Consumer Electronics

International Rectifier

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.- April,7,2003 - International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF) today introduces the 4GBUxxLS series single-phase bridge rectifiers. The new bridge rectifiers are rated at 4A at 100°C with blocking voltages of 200V, 400V and 600V, expanding the existing line of GBU and GBL series bridge rectifiers with ratings from 50V to 1200V and selected current ratings of 4A, 6A or 8A.

Bridge rectifiers are used in AC-operated products and AC-operated power adaptors for all sorts of electronics products for home and business, including PDAs, notebook computers, cell phones, computer monitors, set top boxes and cable modems.

New Bridge Rectifiers

The new bridge rectifiers are made with glass-passivated chips, and have less than 1V forward voltage drop at 25°C for low power loss in the conduction mode, enabling high efficiency and power density. The plastic four-pin single in line package (SIP) is UL-approved (UL E160375), with high isolation between terminals and high thermal conductivity.

Glass passivated chips have better high temperature, reverse bias (HTRB) characteristics than conventional die-attach type devices, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as temperature cycling from -55°C to +150°C and moisture resistance at 85°C and 85 percent relative humidity.

The terminal leads are suitable for high temperature soldering at 260°C. The GBU bridges have a mounting hole centered in the package, for secure mounting to heat sink surfaces.

Part Number* VRRM(V) IF(AV) @100°C(A) VFM @ 25°C(V) IFM(A) IFSM @50Hz(A) IFSM @ 60Hz(A) Rth(JC)(°C/W) IRRM @ 25°C(A)
*Note: F denotes lead spacing of 7.5mm. For example, 4GBU02LSF is a 200V device in the 4-pin SIP with 7.5mm lead spacing; 4GBU02LS is the same device with 5.1mm lead spacing.

Pricing and Availability

The new 4A GBU bridge rectifiers are available immediately. Pricing begins at US $0.60 each for the 4GBU02LS(F) in 10,000-unit quantities.

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